‘12’ Reasons Why Foreigners Prefer To Visit India Once!

Every year a number of tourists can be witnessed in India. But why foreigners prefer to visit India which is not much developed and technically advanced! May be the rich ancient history and deep cultural roots or the number of great natural beauties and historical sites convey the travelers to have a tour of this unique destination once in their lifetime.

Here we are discussing the top reasons why foreigners prefer to visit India this year:

Glimpse of Touring Such A Huge Country:

Being one of the largest democratic countries, India is just over one-third of the size of the United States. There are a number of incredible sights which can add a good punch of thrill in the overall traveling experience. On one side, the traveler can explore the beauty of Himalayas in the North and Find beaches in the south.

Value For Money Tripping Experience:

Most of the travelers around the world think that India is a very dirty place to live and spend time but this definitely isn’t the reality. India can be cheaper as well as lavishly as you want. Travelers can pick the luxurious segment of the market which offers elegant accommodations i.e. resorts and palaces. And on the other hand, you might also find the quaint guesthouse too. If you want to travel and explore more within a minimum amount, then Visiting India would be the perfect option to grab.

Indian Hospitality:

There is a very popular saying in India i.e. “Athithi Devo Bhava”, which literally means “the guest is God.” Pleasing the guests by offering them the best of everything is just another tradition among Indian families. They consider it a huge honor to have guests in their home. With the growing popularity of homestays, there are a lot of opportunities for the travelers to experience it.

Athithi Devo Bhava

Good Way To Get Out Of Your Comfort Level And Explore Something New:

Travelers always are in search of a place which offers them a something new to experience. And believe it, India can be the perfect option to meet your all needs of adventure. Hence everyone should visit here once in their lives to get out of their comfort zones and to develop a different perspective of life. Simply a single trip can change your whole way of thinking and you will leave this country by gaining something that you will never forget. This tour of few days will change you for better.

Is India Safe For Travelers:

In recent years, India has received a lot of negative publicity for women’s protection and safety. Yes, India has faced a crucial time regarding the issue of safety of women but that does not apply to all the states of the country. For a foreigner female traveler, things may go a little tricky but the good news is that some parts of India are much more tourist friendly than others. For example, South India is said to be better than the northern part of the country. Tamil Nadu, Kerala is the most recommended destinations for females.

Is India Safe For Travelers

Explore Spirituality:

For people who want internal peace of mind and a soothing experience which can inspire and refresh their soul, India would be a perfect spot to visit. With the numerous options like yoga, meditation or spend time at an ashram, travelers will definitely get something which they can’t avail anywhere else. Evening Aarti i.e. fire worship along the Ganges River is just so perfect to give a unique start to your overall journey.

Perfect Collision Of History and Architecture:

One of the several things which attract numerous travelers towards this beautiful country is a magnificent architecture which can be found all over the country. Either it is the wonder of the world; ‘TAJ MAHAL’ or the most popular ‘INDIA GATE’, there is a lot to go through. At every single state, you will find a new monument with a unique architecture, totally different from the others.

Enjoy Food With Your Hands In India:

If you are visiting India first time, then you need to taste the super delicious food of this country. When it comes to Indian food, there are a huge number of recipes which are native to the different regions. Most of the tourists get attracted to taste the mouthwatering and flavorful dishes. For vegetarians, this country offers a big range of eating options and every dish is so different from the other. You can taste a new vegetarian dish every single day for a year. India is famous for vegetarian dishes and curries but that doesn’t mean that the country doesn’t offer any non-vegetarian food item. Travelers can easily find numerous flavorful recipes. But be careful as the food is often very oily and spicy.

Enjoy Food With Your Hands In India

Shopping – Buy More in Less:

If you have a great interest in buying handicrafts, embroidered stuff, handmade decorative items, then India has many irresistible items to offer you. Not only this, most of the stuff of this kind has come from the minority section of the society which earns through these handicrafts; so you can also support them.

Diverse History Behind Everything:

The most curious part of exploring India is the fascinating history attached to the different kinds of stuff either it is the ancient buildings or beautiful monuments. By entering India, you join a never-ending network comprises numerous places of magical forts, palaces, temples, mosques, ancient ruins and monuments.

Enlightening Spirit Of Multiple Festivals and Fairs:

In a country like India, you can celebrate festivals every month. Yes, it’s true! India is a home to a huge number of people who belong to a different cultural background and after every 20 to 50 km; you can see a different language, people, and customs. Being an integral country, Indian calendar is full of various festivals and is famous for its colorful fairs too. Either it is a colorful festival of ‘Holi’ and or the ‘Diwali’ which is the festival of lights; you can find a different type of stuff attached to different festivals over here. Along with that, there are also a number of massive fairs like the ‘Kumbha Mela’ and ‘the Pushkar Camel fair’ which attract millions of visitors from all across the globe.

Full Of Adventure:

One of the top reasons Why Foreigners Prefer to visit India is its adventure theme which you can find everywhere. No matter where you travel in India, the true spirit of adventure follows you everywhere you go. Whether it is the beaches of Southern India or the snow-capped mountains of Northern India, you will find a lot more than you expected. The most famous Bengal tigers and Indian elephants in the wild are just perfect to add a glimpse of thrill in your trip. And how can we forget the chaotic streets of Delhi which are a big adventure in itself!

Adventure in India