See how you Travel alone around India for the first time!

You all love to travel at different times, for different reasons. And love to discover the parts of the earth, places, things, and meet new people. India is the destination that covers all these categories

Solo travel in India is both fun and challenging. India is the ultimate country for discovering new things and places. But this can be possible through the labyrinth or peace and tranquility of the country’s major cities. This is the sense of discovery that makes India perfect for those who want to travel by themselves.

There are some precautions that you should take; travel to India can be affordable, accessible and safe if you plan well. So put together all these top tips to traveling alone around India. These tips help you to take the stress out of your travel planning and plan all that you want to discover.

The Basic tips

Before you go

  • To make your trip or holiday easier, make your plan in advance. The best way to choose the field to explore the country all at once and find the particular to visit.
  • The next thing is to give yourself the time and flexibility within your itinerary.
  • Research extensively about the destinations, including tourist attractions, activities, safe areas to stay and good restaurants, you plan to visit. And a make a proper chart and map to explore the things.

Hold your I.D. 

Keep your driver’s license handy. On the airport, at check-ins security guards ask for I.D. with your passport so hold it in your hand.

Prefer Booking in Advance

  • When making a single tourism plan to India, if you make few booking in advance, it will be quite a convenience.
  • Book hotels, guesthouses and home castle online. Book your tickets in advance is definitely the best thing because the seats on popular flight routes are available for only some time.

What if you explore the places alone?

  • If you want to select off-beat locations in India, then it is advisable to hire a tour operator service or at least one knowledgeable guide.
  • You can also find and join the groups of India’s hobbyists. And join your travel plans with a large company to travel the remote Himalayan regions, forest areas and other low-risk areas of India.

Use Good mobile apps

  • Traveling apps are amazing to provide all kinds of assistance from finding a good accommodation to guiding the best routes to popular places.
  • There are such apps that help in finding toilets in a particular area.
  • When you are alone, it can be your very valuable partner to reduce the chances of getting lost or falling into problems.

How to stay well?

  • For those who visit India first time, carrying a stripe so that you can purify your own water.
  • Buying the bottle of water is the number one thing that you can do for your health and always check that the original seal is intact.
  • There is an excellent oral vaccine that helps prevent travelers from diarrhea. You can grab them from your doctor a few weeks before heading to the trip.

Choose good accommodation

Reservation of rooms

You can book your tickets by phone or email. It is an easier way to reserve your room or seat in advance by paying through credit card.

Ask for a pickup 

  • When booking your reservation, ask for a pick up from the airport.
  • This is a wonderful service, especially if you are arriving in the evening. Because maximum time the hotels are ready to pay for the pickup in the evening time.

Check your room

If due to any reason you have not booked your room in advance than before agree to stay, check your room and confirm the price.

How to get around

In big cities, auto rickshaw and taxi is all the way. If you are getting a taxi from an airport to hotel, organize it from the pre-paid counter inside the terminals.

  • A great option is to hire a car and driver, particularly if you are traveling within one state for a few days.
  • Private cars are surprisingly affordable to everyone, however roads can be choked beyond belief and cruising down an Indian highway can often mean taking your life in your hands.
  • The quickest way to get around in the city is to get up in the air and explore the places.

India is a beautiful country both geographically and culturally. So, travel to India and its subcontinent. Whatever your accommodation choice for your trip to India, embrace the experience of traveling alone and enjoy your trip in a new part of the world.

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