The Worst Airport in America Is Getting an $8 Billion Makeover

Things go out of hands when you need to find a way out of the world’s one of the busiest airports and especially when it is unmanaged. Anyone may need to face consequences like delay and cancellation of flights or baggage loss or more. All this create puzzling situations for the passengers but if the airport is properly managed, then one can easily get out of it.

Talking about one of the worst airports in the US, LaGuardia does hold a place in that. Being one of the smallest airports of the New York City-area, it carries on its existence in Queens.

According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, the airport also holds the title of the most frequently delayed airport in the United States.

But as per the sources, the title of the worst airport may be a past thing for LaGuardia. And all this due to the efforts of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo who introduced a massive overhaul for the pit of airborne despair.

These new additions and improvements may prove soothing to the ears of the millions of passengers who are frequent visitors at the airport. More than 4 billion investment is required for this renovation process by the New York and New Jersey Port Authorities along with the 3.4 billion dollars which are contributed by the Delta Airlines.

According to the sources, this project will include a lot of upgrades at different sections with an addition in current facilities like new jetways, pedestrian bridges, lounge space, etc. This may take place at two terminals i.e. terminal C and terminal D.

As of now, the estimated time period in regards to this project is more than 4 years i.e. it may complete by the year 2021.