Medical Visa India Requirements, Validity & Fee Structure


When it comes to medical Visa, India has become the most preferred destination in the world. The main reason behind that is that Government of India has introduced special medical visa for foreign nationals who are seeking specialized medical treatment in India. It generally involves a stay of around 60 days for medical procedures.

In addition to that, as per the Medical Attendant Visa, the patient can also enjoy the right to visit with a maximum of two attendants (need to be blood relatives). The respective applicant of the medical visa is allowed to do 3 entries in a year.

Anyhow, before applying for such a visa, the applicants must be getting aware of what is medical Visa, its whole procedure and medical visa India requirements, the whole procedure of applying along with the extension period and more.


A Medical Visa is a type of visa which you need to travel in case of attaining any type of medical treatment in reputed/recognized hospitals or treatment centers in India. This type of visa allows the respective applicant to visit the country with up to two attendants under separate Medical Attendant visas.


There are a number of requirements, which one need to follow while traveling to India for the medical purpose though the medical visa.

  1. Passport Requirements:

If you wish to visit India on Medical Visa, then you need to have the original passport and one photocopy of passport along with the signature page.

Your passport needs to be signed and must be valid for 6 months beyond stay in India with at least two blank passport pages, needed for India visa stamps.

  1. Photo Requirements:

You need to attach your recent 2 x 2 passport type photograph which should be in color with a plain background. Plus the photos should not be stapled to the application.

  1. Medical Requirements:

A certificate of preliminary medical advice from the country of origin where you are the residents is required. It should represent that the respective applicant has been advised to go for specialized medical treatment.

  1. India Visa Application Form: 
  • The traveler from other countries who want to acquire a medical visa must sign their own visa application form firstly. Thereby, applicants need to match their signatures on the application with the signature in the applicant’s passport.
  • In the addition to that, your visa application form must be printed on two pages and should be signed on both pages. The applicant needs to sign under the photo on the first page and at the bottom of the second page.
  • You can also fill the application form online. On the Indian Government website, select the orange button on the left representing “Regular Visa Application” to start the visa application form.


Several supporting documents are also required for attaining a medical visa in India. This includes:

  1. Copy of reference letters from hospitals in India
  2. Your insurance coverage or bank statements of last 3-months
  3. Copy of registration
  4. Any other additional document required by Visa officer


The medical visa is required to ensure that people who are immigrating to India are doing so for the purpose of receiving treatment only. Along with that, the Indian immigration authorities also require the following criteria to be fulfilled:

  • It should be clear that the applicant has already taken some medical guidance in his/her own country and then is recommended to India to pursue specialist treatment.
  • It is mandatory for the applicant to take the medical assistance from a recognized institution which is specialized in the treatment of the condition.
  • More priority is given to the applicant with ‘M’ visa applications in India in concern with the several medical conditions. Some serious ailments such as neurosurgery, heart problems, ophthalmic disorders and organ transplants are given primary consideration.


  • One of the major benefits of attaining the medical visa is that it is a type of temporary immigration service which is provided by the Indian medical visas and you don’t need to make a way for settlement in India.
  • The medical Indian visas give you a chance to enter the country for a particular purpose of obtaining medical attention.
  • Generally, the medical visa in India is granted for up to 1 year whereas the other type of visas is granted for a maximum of 6 months. The time required to perform the concerned medical treatment determines the duration of a medical visa.
  • Although the government of India permits a period of 12 months it can further be extended to 12 months depending upon the conditions. Basically, the extension criterion is based on the recommendation from an appropriate treatment center or by providing a medical certificate.


The duration of medical visa to India depends upon either on the duration of the treatment or a time span of a year, whichever is less.

The best advantage of this type of visa is that it can also be extended up to another year on the orders of the State Governments. All it needs is that the treatment should be taken from a recognized hospital of India and it should also provide a medical certificate.

However, if you need more extension then on the suggestion of the State Government you can do so but you need to show suitable medical papers. After that, the Ministry of Home Affairs can give a validation.

This type of visa allows you to enter not more than 3 times in one year. Only in case of any emergencies, the State Governments can allow the applicant for an additional entry.


With effect from 1st April 2017; the consulates of India across the U.S. have announced unspecified visa fee increments.