What is The Cheapest Way To Fly To INDIA From The US?

India is thought by many to be a country that everyone should visit at least once, and this statement can be taken to be a fact also. India is truly a magical, adventurous and spiritual destination for everyone. Very recently the country has also offered travelers the option of getting ‘visa-on-arrival’ and this has helped boost the tourism of this great country.The country has now become the fastest developing country and also one of the most preferred destinations for travelers too.

But one of the biggest reason that many people put-off from packing their bags for India might be because they think that flying across half the world is expensive. But if you follow some simple tips and are a little flexible then you can actually grab a bargain price.

So if you are a first time traveler to India or are planning a second vacation there and want a really good deal, then here are some time-tested methods to answer your question of what is the cheapest way to fly to India from the US?

Here are my most popular tips for find the cheapest deal on flights to India from the US:

1.> Be Flexible:-
Like mentioned above, the key to getting a great deal is being flexible with your departure dates. This presents you with a window of opportunity giving you a larger choice. This reason for the price variation on flights is largely based on the simple economics of ‘supply and demand’. If a particular flight route or season is popular with travelers it will obviously command a higher price. So the aim is to try a book a ticket on a flight that is less in demand. But a word of caution, if you think that you will find a flight that is flying with vacant seats you better think again. Always keep in mind that you are looking for the cheapest fare and not empty seats.

2.> Keep Your Date/Time Flexible:-
If you have a fixed itinerary or dates for your vacation then you will have little choice and even less chances of finding cheap flights. You have to be ready to keep your dates and time flexible. So decide on a time period of when you want to fly and also be prepared to fly at odd hours. This will expand your window-of-opportunity and you will increase your choice in flights and fares.

3.> Fly Mid-Week:-
Some of my friends even opt for flying mid-week because the most popular time, and also the busiest, for flights is during the weekends. So the last few seats on that weekend flight will have quite a few takers which means that it will not be cheap.

4.> Avoid Holiday Season:-
Holiday season is also not going to offer you any cheap flights because people, and families in particular, love to travel during school breaks and holidays. Just do a simple search on a travel website for this period and you will see that the prices will always be higher as compared to other dates.

5.> Book in Advance:-
If you however have to fly during the holidays because you want to be part of the festivities in India, for example during Diwali, then you should book your flights well in advance. This will help you avoid the rush and give you the chance to choose your seat too.

6.> Departure Airport:-
Avoid restricting yourself to flying from a particular airport. You have to try and book your flight from an airport that is a ‘Port of Entry’ or in other words a major international airport. Don’t book tickets from an airport that will first fly you to a port of entry, as that will unnecessarily cost you more. Instead you can directly book your flights from a major international airport like Los Angeles and save 20-30%.

7.> Book Online:-
One of the best ways to book a cheap flight to India is to book your flight online. Online travel portals like FlyDealFare give you the full picture and do all the work for you. These experts are trained and experienced to find you the best deals available on flights to India.

8.> Don’t Haggle:-
After comparing the prices of various flights you will eventually find a good deal. At this point you should not try to haggle for a lower price, on the contrary you should book it without lingering on it for too long. Most of the ‘Too-Good-To-Be-True’ deals are not available for too long.

And with this I conclude my tips that will come in handy for Direct flights from the USA to India. Just remember that patience and perseverance always pays off. But if you don’t want to waste too much time, then just head on over to FlyDealFare!


1.> How long is the flight to India?

ANS:- An average nonstop flight from United States to India takes 20h 53m, covering a distance of 8229 miles. The most popular route is New York – Mumbai with an average flight time of 14h 50m.

2.> Is there any direct flight from India to USA?

ANS:- There are premium airlines that offer the nonstop flights between USA and India. At present, nonstop USA to India airlines are operated on seven routes, including two by United Airlines and five by Air India. Usually, nonstop flights cost more than direct flights and connecting flights.


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