To Curb H-1B & L1 Visas A New Bill Tabled

The newly elected President of the United states Mr. Donald Trump may sign a new bill which is proposed to curb and put restrictions on current work visa programs e.g. H-1B and L1 visas.

What is H-1B visa?
It is a program under which the US companies can employ foreign nationals in their specialized fields. This program allows a person to come to the United States for work if he or she is holding a specialization in any field and a US-based firm is ready to hire him or her. Usually, the IT companies in the United States hire professionals from other parts of the world.

But now, there is news that US President Donald Trump is now going to sign a new order which will crush these visa programs. It will also put an end to employment authorization cards to spouses which allow them to work. This was recently introduced by Obama’s Administration.

What is the new draft?
The new draft which has been tabled was leaked online and according to this new draft, President Trump will reverse Obama’s order of extension of the optional practicing work visas, under which foreign students can stay in the US after the completion of their studies and can work for a little longer. This draft also states that it will also terminate the all existing parole policies.

Sean Spicer, the White House press secretary said in his news brief on Monday that it is just a part of larger immigration reform effect, many steps has already been taken and lots more will be taken. The other visa programs will be scrutinized and further steps and measures will be taken.

According to the new draft, The Secretary of Homeland Security would review all the other regulations which allow the foreign nationals to work in the US and then will determine which of these laws and programs are violating the immigration laws and which are not in the interest of America. This bill will also ask all the Secretaries of Labour and Homeland Security to restore and protect the rights of all the US and foreign workers.

Foreign Workers are not cheap labour anymore
This bill will direct all the employers to offer a vacant position to a better or equally qualified American before offering it to any other foreign worker. After this bill wage requirement for L-1 workers will be established and improvements will be done for H-1B visas. This will prevent employers and companies to use foreign workers as cheap labour and will give an opportunity to better qualified Americans.

This bill has also proposed to form an advisory commission which will look after and analyze the current immigration policies and their impact on America, whether these are in the national interests of the United States or not. This bill will ensure that the visas will be given to more efficient and deserving candidates only.

After this reform Department of Labour and Department of Homeland Security will share all the information so that the visa petition can be scrutinized more effectively. It will also give authority to these departments to investigate fraud and misuse of H-1B and L-1 visas.

Syrian Refugees banned
Recently Donald Trump has signed an executive order under which Muslims from seven countries have been banned from entering the US for four months and Syrian refugees have been banned for an indefinite time of period. After these immigration policies, there was global outrage and protests. Now with this new order, nobody is sure what to expect.