7 Things That Can Drive Us Mad When Flying And How To Solve Them

A recent study has revealed that more and more flights are getting delayed, bags are being lost and generally speaking, complaints by passengers are rising to a greater extent too.Here is a little guide that will help you solve, perhaps even avoid, 7 of the most annoying problems you might face when flying.

1.Can’t Board A Connecting Flight
Most of the experts will tell you that it is best advised to book your flights through the same airline. This is because airlines are more accommodating if you are already booked with them. And if you have to book your flight again because you missed your earlier flight, then don’t wait in line at the counter. Rather than waiting for your turn behind a long line you should directly approach any of the attendants at the ticket counter. They will help you get a seat on the next available flight. If all the counters are busy then immediately call the airline’s customer care toll number.

However, if you were not able to board the last flight of the daydue staff or technical issues caused by the airline, you are eligible to be compensated with a free hotel room and a seat on the first flight on the following day. But if the delay involved Mother Nature, by this I of-course mean storms, snow, etc., then you might have to make your own arrangements for the night stay.

2.Your trip was cut short due to a family emergency
An emergency is not something you plan and it can happen at any time. Although you can cover some of your costs through an insurance but I would recommend an insurance only if your tickets are expensive. Otherwise it makes very little sense. If the emergency and situation genuinely calls for you to book a flight, you always have the option to directly call the airline. I have personally seen airlines and staff go above-and-beyond to help customers in cases of emergency. At the end of the day it is always up to the airline to accommodate customers.

3.Your Worst Nightmare: Lost Baggage
Experts agree that there is no need to panic if your bags get lost. Airlines are very efficient now at retrieving lost bags and return them to the rightful owner fairly quickly. It will be a very rare and highly unlikely case if your bags disappear. The first thing you ought to do is head over to the counter of the airline and report a case of lost baggage with one of the agents. Make sure that you take a receipt from the airline staff and are not left empty handed with no proof or follow-up reference. A receipt will make sure that the airline is accountable for looking for the bags. It will also make your life easy too at the time of collection. You will also be glad to know to that some airlines will ‘home deliver’ your bags when they are found. If some days pass and your bags are still not found, then airlines will give you a compensation which should be enough to buy new clothes. But remember that this is at the discretion of the airline.

The best method to avoid a situation like this would be to simply not send your stuff through and only have a check-in baggage. If you do have to send your bag/s through then you should mark your luggage from all sides with your name, number, address and your flight details along with your ticket number. If you are taking connecting flights, then you should definitely have the agent at the counter of your connecting flight scan for your bags. If the check is not positive then you can straightaway lodge a report for your lost luggage as opposed to hours after reaching your destination.

4. Your Documents &Identification
Before you leave your house, check and double check if you have to, that you have all your documents and identification with you. If you forget your ID, you can always flash your credit card or checkbook, these days your Smartphone also has enough evidence to prove your identity. I would also suggest that you take pictures of your documents just in case you misplace them and need them in case of an emergency.

5.You are not allowed to board a flight
It’s not a very common thing for a passenger to be ‘bumped’ from a flight without any prior information. Unless of-course you were late to reach the entry gate on time. In the eventuality that you are not at fault and there was mistake on the part of the airline then don’t accept anything short of hard cash. The airline might try to tempt you with air miles or coupons that you can redeem at a later date but there will be hidden terms and conditions. Always do a quick check on the airline policies and regulations on this matter just to be on the safe side and well informed.

6. Travelling with family and children but get seated far apart
A family that travels together likes to sit together too. But if you get seats far apart, you will have to be a little proactive and only then will you find a solution. The first thing you should do is talk to one of the airline agents at the counter. But if they still refuse or cannot accommodate your seats together then your last option is to ask the helpful flight attendants on the airplane. They usually accommodate a family together by shuffling the other passengers. The best way to make your voice heard and problem resolved is by being polite and showing courtesy to the staff.

7. Bad Weather Canceled Your Flight
Bad weather can play a spoilsport with your travel plans. If your flight is canceled because of bad weather conditions then you will have to be persistent with the airline. When you call the airline and don’t get the answer you are looking for, hang up and call again. You will be surprised to see how quickly things change and how vacant seats suddenly become available. Individual travelers are lucky because airlines can easily accommodate them on other flights. On the other hand it can be a little hard for arranging seats for families on other flights. Keep your options open and don’t get fussy if you have to change airports.