Weirdest New Year Traditions Of Different Countries In The World!

New Year Eve resembles the beginning of a new year. People use to take different resolutions on this day – try to do something good in the upcoming year in their life.

New Year 2018 is just around the corner and different countries celebrate it in their own way. Some celebrate it by throwing a great party and some just spend time with their near and dear ones. Anyhow, this occasion brings a huge smile on everyone’s face.

Here we are discussing the weird and unique traditions and customs regarding New Year celebration of different countries which the people over here believe in. Just like that, Christmas is also celebrated in weird ways. Some believe that it will bring good fortune and other just follows them to protect them from evil things.

New Year in Spain

New Year in Spain

  • In Spain, there is the weirdest tradition of eating 12 grapes. Yes, as the clock strikes 12 times to midnight, people of Spain eat a grape each time it rings.
  • They believe that if they don’t do so, then there is a threat of bad luck for the following year.
  • This tradition is also adopted by Mexico, other Latin American countries and even the Philippines too. Some people also believe that it wards off evil spirits.

New Year in Scotland

  • In Scotland, people believe that if a strapping young man knock after midnight holding a bottle of whiskey, a loaf of raisin bread and a piece of black coal, this comes with a good luck for the next year.
  • In Scotland, New Year is known as “Hogmanay” and people over there celebrate it as one of their biggest holidays.
  • The New Year’s celebration over here is several days long and encompasses many different traditions.
  • One of the most unique and dangerous thing linked to this is when the locals create balls from wire, paper and other materials, then set them on fire while swinging them around and walking through the streets.

New Year in the Czech Republic


  • There is also a weird custom linked with the New Year eve of the Czech people where they look to their future by using an apple.
  • They believe that after cutting the apple into half, the shape of the core determines the person’s fate.
  • In case, the shape comes as cross, it is a bad luck and some sort of mischief is on the way. And if it comes as star, you can expect happiness.

New Year in Greece

new yr in greece

  • Greece also follows a weird tradition on the New Year eve in hope of goodness and happiness.
  • Card and dice games are played at home as well as in the casinos and it are believed that this will bring happiness on the winner’s end.

New Year in Argentina

  • In Buenos Aires (Argentina), people celebrate New Year in a unique way.
  • On this day, people use to destroy all their old documents and papers. This is done to symbolize that they have leave their past behind and will focus on the new upcoming year.
  • In addition to that, people also throw the scraps of paper from their windows all over the city in a shower of confetti.

New Year in Japan


japan new yr

  • In Japan, following the Buddhist belief; people used to ring all of their bells 108 times.
  • And it is also believed that by smiling and going into the New Year happily will bring good luck.

New Year in USA

  • Americans in the South eat black-eyed peas on New Year’s Day for good luck. They believe that by consuming these black eyed peas, the upcoming year will bring fortune for them.

New Year in Italy

New Year in Italy

  • When it comes to Italy, there are a number of traditions which the people over there follow. It includes eating pig’s feet and lentils for good luck with their finances in the coming year.
  • In some parts of the country, people use to throw pots, pans and old furniture from their windows at midnight on this day.
  • This is done to symbolize that they have leave their past and ready to experience the future.
  • This unique customs is now spreading in Johannesburg, South Africa too.

New Year in Brazil

  • In Brazil, in some areas; candles are placed in the sand on the beach and this is believed that it will bring money, peace and love in the future.

New Year in Finland


In Finland, on New Year eve; friends and families gather to burn metal in a pan for a ritual called “molybdomancy”.

Not only that, Finns also does different things like:

  • Ecuadorians burn paper-filled scarecrows
  • Swiss drop ice cream on the floor
  • People in Siberia plunge into frozen lakes while carrying a tree trunk

New Year in Philippines

  • In the Philippines, New Year’s Eve is a noisy one. There is a tradition to discharge fireworks, clang pots and pans together to make loud noise.
  • People over there believe that by doing so, they scare evil spirits and chases them away.

New Year in Brazil


In Brazil, people use to wear white which symbolizes tranquility and rebirth. Others believe in a unique activity of jumping over seven waves. This tradition is followed in the honor of Lamanjá, the “Mother of Waters” or “Goddess of the Sea”. They believe that by doing so, Lamanjá will present new opportunities in their lives.

New Year in Romania

  • In Romania, people follow an old rural tradition that’s gaining in popularity. According to this, people dressed in bear costumes and travel from house to house. They used to dance all the way in order to chase away evil spirits on New Year’s Eve.
  • In Romania, people also throw their spare coins into the river to get good luck.

Some Other Locations:

  • In Switzerland: In the beautiful location of Switzerland, people celebrate New Year by dropping ice cream on the floor.
  • In France: The French people keep the things simple and delicious; hence they consume a stack of pancakes on New Year.
  • In Belgium: Here the farmers wish their cows a happy new year as they are so attached to them.
  • In Denmark: People of Denmark climb on top of chairs and literally “jump” into the New Year to bring good luck.
  • In Ireland: Here, the people hit the walls with bread to get rid of evil spirits.
  • In Bolivia: In Bolivia coins are baked into sweets and whoever finds the coins has good luck for the next year.
  • In Chile: Families in Chile follows a unique way to celebrate their New Year by spending the night at the cemetery in the company of their deceased loved ones.


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