General Guidelines On Cathay Pacific Online Check in!

Currently, everything is going digital. Technology has become a very important part of our life and it makes our life easy and more convenient too. Talking about the aviation market, it is going to advance that now you can book or cancel your tickets at the comfort of your house, office or anywhere else.

Here we are discussing the check-in options and the Cathay Pacific check-in time along with the most common queries of customers all around the world.

Cathay Pacific Web Check-in Options:

If you want to book tickets in Cathay Pacific flight, then you may have the following options regarding check-in to pick from:


The option of online check-in is available in Cathay Pacific airlines. Cathay Pacific online check-in time is 48 hours up to 90 minutes before the flight’s departure. Whether it is the Cathay Pacific Airways flights or Cathay Dragon flights (including code share flights), this option of check-in is available. Availability of Cathay Pacific online check-in 48 hours up to 90 minutes lets you save some time at the airport too.

cathey web check in


  • Passengers holding an e-Ticket can use Online Check-in option but there are certain exceptions too:
  • Travellers who need Medical Assistance or Stretcher.
  • Passengers flying in a group, which is registered as a group in the booking.
  • Passengers who purchased an extra seat.


What are the benefits of online check-in?


By checking in online, you can do the following stuff:

  • First of all, you can easily check-in for Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon flights along with any onward flights on partner carriers.
  • The online check-in options let the passengers select and change seats.
  • There is also a column for adding or updating the frequent flyer number.
  • You can easily obtain your boarding pass and can collect it at the airport from a Self Check-In Kiosk/ Self Check-In Bag Drop Counter or avail the Self-Print Boarding Pass service.
  • By connecting online with the airline, you also avail of the latest weather and departure information from time to time.
  • You can subscribe to ‘notify’ also which is the flight messaging service.
  • There is also the option of canceling the check-in if you don’t want to.
  • Through online check-in, passengers (without checked baggage) can go through Security & Immigration and the Boarding Gate Service Desk Gate. All they need to do is to present their travel documents and reach at least 30 minutes before departure.
  • On the other side, passengers (with checked baggage) can go to the Self Check-In Bag Drop Counter and need to reach the airport, at least 50 minutes before the scheduled departure time.


Another option while checking in for the Cathay Pacific flight is the Mobile Check-in. This option has the same benefits as the online check-in but there are some additional advantages too as it can be accessed anytime and anywhere. This facility is available on all web-enabled mobile phones and there is no need for any additional application downloads.


cathey mobile check in

What is Mobile Boarding Pass?


It is an electronic boarding pass which is displayed on the mobile web page. This pass displays all the flight and customer information. It includes the QR code that has encrypted the data stream and is scanned at the airport.




There are certain exceptions linked to the Mobile check-in option:

  • Passengers who booked tickets with infant fares are not allowed to do the mobile check-in.
  • Unaccompanied Minors are also not allowed to check-In through this option.
  • Passengers with air tickets in conjunction with ferry tickets are also not allowed.
  • Passengers with an onward connecting flight through an airport other than Hong Kong are also taken in the exception list.

What are the benefits of mobile check-in?

  • If you book your air tickets through mobile, then you can receive the Mobile Boarding Pass on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Check-in for a passenger and their traveling companions are quite easy with this option.
  • You can easily select your seats using a seat map.
  • Just by sending the Mobile Boarding Pass to the mobile device, via SMS or email, you can easily manage the process of check-in.


 The next option available for check-in to a Cathay Pacific flight is the Kiosk Check-in. The availability of self-check-in kiosk makes it easier for the passengers to avail of the faster check-in service. The time linked to this between 50 minutes to 48 hours before departure.


All you need to do is to check-in for any Cathay Pacific flights and print the boarding pass. Currently, Self Check-in Kiosks are available in selective airports, but more kiosks will be added to Cathay Pacific’s network to make it easy for the passengers to check-in through different options. All passengers who hold an e-Ticket can use the Self Check-in Kiosks.

cathey kosik check in


Following are the few exceptions linked to the kiosk check-in option:

  • Passengers who need Medical Assistance are not allowed.
  • Children traveling alone also come under this list.
  • Passengers flying in a group, which is registered as a group in the booking can’t do kiosk check-in.
  • Passengers whose ticket requires additional payment are also not permitted.


  • This check-in option is available for selective passengers who are going to Hong Kong International Airport via Airport Express. They should also hold a valid Airport Express Line (AEL) ticket may choose to check-in at either Hong Kong or Kowloon station.
  • Passengers can easily check-in and collect your boarding pass at the In-Town Check-In counter. The time limit attached to it is one day in advance.
  • For US-bound flights, you need to check-in within hours before flight departure. Along with that, you need to collect your boarding pass at least 90 minutes before departure.

 General Queries: 

Following are the general queries on check-in options of Cathay Pacific Airlines:


Who is eligible for check-in online?

The online check-in option is available on all Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon flights operated by Cathay Pacific. There are just a few exceptions in regards to chartered flights, trains and codeshare flights operated by our partner carriers.

What is the overall procedure of checking in online?

  • Firstly, you need to keep all the necessary documents in hand:
  • For the Club/Asia Miles Members, they need to have the Membership Number/User Name, PIN
  • Other stuff which you need is the E-Ticket Number/Booking Reference Number and passenger details
  • Passport and Secondary Travel Documents are also required in case you have any.

Secondly, you need to log into your account:


They simply need to log in to their name or member number along with the PIN.

FOR NON-MEMBER: (eTicket Holders only):
  • They need to enter their personal and booking details, including their name and e-Ticket Number or booking reference.
  • Then you need to select your flight
  • Then select your seat
  • After confirming your Check-In, you need to send your Mobile Boarding Pass to your Mobile and then print your Self-Print Boarding Pass.

Is it possible to check-in online for the Cathay Pacific flights?

Yes, you can check-in online for the Cathay Pacific airline. You can check-in 24-48 hours before your flight departs.

What are the requirements for using Online Check-in?

  • If you are checking in online for the Cathay flight, all you need to know is that you must check-in 90 minutes – 48 hours before your flight is scheduled to depart.
  • If you are the holder of an electronic ticket, then you can check-in 90 minutes – 24 hours before your flight is scheduled to depart
  • This facility is not available if you are traveling on a code-share flight.
  • Passengers with special needs or Unaccompanied Minor are also not eligible to check-in online.

Can I use Online Check-in if I have bags to check?

Yes, Cathay Pacific baggage check-in is available if you have bags to check. All you need to do is to drop your bags at a Cathay Pacific Check-in counter at the airport before the cut-off time.

Can I change my seat with Online Check-in?

Yes, the option of changing the seat is available if you are checking in online with the Cathay Pacific flight.

How much time should I allot if I want to check-in at the airport?

  • The ideal time to reach the airport in case you check-in online is 2 hours before your flight is scheduled to depart.
  • If you are departing from North America: You must have your boarding pass at least 60 minutes before departure.
  • If you are departing from Hong Kong: You must have your boarding pass at least 45 minutes before your departure time.

What is the procedure to print the Boarding Pass?

You can easily print your Boarding Pass by clicking on the “Print/Send” button on the “Online Check-In Confirmation”, 90 minutes before departure.

How can I receive a Mobile Boarding Pass?

You can receive the mobile boarding pass through SMS or email. All you need to have is the mobile device i.e. smartphones or tablets which must have internet browsing capability and connectivity.

What to do if there is no internet connection or no battery power on the mobile phone?

In such a case, you need to contact the ground staff who will issue the traditional paper boarding pass at the check-in or during boarding.

What are the rules regarding Mobile Boarding Pass for my travel companion?

If your travel companion is included in the same booking record as yours, then you can receive the mobile boarding pass.

Is it possible to cancel my check-in after I have checked in online?

Yes, you are eligible to cancel your flight even after receiving the mobile boarding pass for yourself and your travel companions. To do so, you need to click the “Cancel Check-In” button on the “Flight Details” page.

What are the details regarding sending Mobile Boarding Pass to my mobile device?

Mobile Boarding Pass can be sent from 48 hours up to 90 minutes before flight departure.

For those who are traveling to or from Los Angeles, New York or San Francisco, the Self-Print Boarding Pass / Mobile Boarding Pass within 24 hours will be issued to them.

What should I do if I have problems receiving my Mobile Boarding Pass?

In case, you fail to receive the SMS link or email to retrieve Mobile Boarding Pass, you can log in to Online Check-In and try again anytime up to 90 minutes before your flight departure time.


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