United Opened A Secret, Invite-only Restaurant Hidden In Newark Airport

United Airlines opened ‘Classified’ which is considered as one of the best restaurants to hit the airport dining scene in recent times.

The unique part attached to this restaurant is that only some people will get aware of its existence and even fewer will get the chance to enjoy dining out there.

And if you think that you can easily find the restaurant by exploring the confines of Newark Liberty International Airport’s Terminal C, then your journey probably end up to nothing.

The only way to get to the airport is through an invitation and that also be given to a selected group of United’s most elite passengers whose names will be there on the vaunted list.

This initiative is taken by the United Airline and their partner in this endeavor i.e. OTG. And both of them seems not to be in a mood to tell who is worthy of an invite.

Being a member of the airline’s elite 1k club i.e. the one who flies 100,000 miles a year on United can certainly let you avail this offer.

To be eligible for the entry in Classified, the passengers of the airline need to receive an email from United which consists the invitation regarding the reservation. After that, the passenger is made aware of the restaurant’s location through instructions. This will let him or her to properly approach the host to gain access to Classified.


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