United Airlines’ New Premium Economy Product Will Launch This Month!

This month, United Airlines decided to launch a new premium economy product that could offer a cheap summer travel for more customers. By the end of the June, United’s new Premium Plus tickets are expected to go on sale. A spokesperson for the airline did confirm that plans for Premium Plus are in the works, while United has not made a formal announcement regarding the new ticket option.

Without spending the money necessary for Business Class seats, Premium Plus will offer travelers the ability to enjoy an experience that’s a step above Economy. The seats from United offer an option between Business and Economy for travelers on United’s international flights.

Amenities In Premium Plus:

  • These seats will offer more legroom and elevated service when compared to flying in Economy.
  • Passengers will enjoy wider seats that recline along with leg rests.
  • Passengers who will purchase Premium Plus tickets will have some exciting perks to look forward to while in the air. These perks include free alcoholic drinks, upgraded dinnerware and blankets, amenity kits, and pillows from Saks Fifth Avenue.

In offering a Premium Economy product for international routes, United is joining competitors like American Airlines and Delta Air Lines. American announced its Premium Economy product back in 2016. Delta followed American’s example by unveiling its Premium Economy product in 2017. Both airlines are still in the process of fully integrating those products into their fleets.

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