United Airlines New Changes In The Basic Items From First Class

It is true that airlines always working on to find ways to save money and generate different ways to charge from the passengers.

Everyone feels happy to fly through the First Class rather the cost attached to it is quite high.

However, United Airlines appears to change its mind about giving all its First Class passengers that warm feeling inside.

United has decided to save a few nickels and a dime on its First Class food offerings – revealed by qukslvr619 on FlyerTalk.

  • Passengers traveling on a US flight for less than three hours can’t be able to enjoy the breakfast bread in First Class from now. This will include the actual flying time and the delays are totally ignored. Along with that, in the lunch also, there will be no option of something hot or warm. Certainly, there is only one item which will be hot.
  • In case, your flight is between three and four hours, then you can enjoy only one hot meal option rather than the former two.
  • Talking about the flights whose flying time is between 4 hours and 5 hours 24 minutes (not transcontinental), then you also you have only one option for dinner on the United flight.
  • When it comes to longest non-transcontinental flights, the respective passengers won’t be able to get the glimpse of ice-cream on board from now. Hence they just have to satisfy their taste buds with the option of pre-plated dessert.

Well, talking about the other airlines of the same category, they are trying to make their meal options more fascinating and appetizing. And some of them are even offering certain food items totally free of any charge.

One of the potential reasons behind this is may be that the airlines are dipping their First Class fares so that more people will actually pay for them.

Often, the First Class has a healthy selection of upgraders, rather than those who have conceded that First Class is really worth dedicated their actual cash too.