Travel Tips: To Know About Manali Before Visiting

Imaging the view from high mountains from where you can feel the clouds. Mountains beautifully covered with snow, cold air which can shiver your body. Excited to spend your entire night under the shade of stars. And are you looking forward to reaching out and chase the height of snowy mountains?  But before you plan, keep some interesting tips in mind. What are those? Check it out!

Before, to explore your favorite adventures spot, there is some important advice you should keep in mind while travelling to Manali.

Weather alert:

For summers, you should always carry light woollens, cotton socks, windcheater or raincoat as weather can change at any time.  And in the winter season, it is advisable to pack warm sweaters, leg warmer, gloves and thermals. It is not safe to visit Manali in the rainy season, as the roads got wet and slippery, the chance of bike skidding or land sliding increases. Still you want to see the beauty of Manali in monsoons then always take along at least one professional or experienced driver.

To be on the safe side check the weather carefully before going there.

Keep your ID’S handy:

All resorts or hotels in Manali will ask for identity proof. Hence always keep your ID proof handy along with two or three photostat copy. Some of the tourist places will ask for a permit for a visit or photography.

Make a note of important contact number:

A network problem is most common in hill stations. And you won’t find many facilities in areas like Rohtang pass, Kasol as you do in the city. So always keep emergency contact number handy like police, ambulance, district control room and especially hotel/driver’s contact number.

What not to forget:

Must take a pair of polarized sunglasses to protect your eyes from harsh sun heat along with a pair of thick rubber sole shoe which will help you move easily. Must take some general medicines like nausea, headache, diarrhoea, etc along with you for the trip as a medical store are to find in hill stations.

Follow the rules:

Avoid late night travelling in hill stations due to low visibility and safety issues. Always, take experience driver for the trip who have well knowledge about the hill roads and the car should be in good condition especially the tyers, to avoid accidents.

Never hold down breaks on the curves, the chances of skid will increase. Always, use a lower gear to climb a hill while to climb down, you can use a suitable speed along with lower gear.  Have a proper check on other vehicles indicator or lights and give an appropriate indicator as well while overtaking.

Some important advice for our valuable travellers so that they have a safe and hassle-free journey. Hope these will help you to plan your trip effectively and you will able to make most of your trip.

Have a happy stay at your favourite adventures spot Manali!

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