Travel Guide: Information Regarding Tourist Visa For Canada to India Flyers

India has a travel destination with various forms of aroma and lands. From the exciting history, trailing architectural wonders to the colorful & rich tradition and the delicious food everything is lit. But one of the most important virtues of traveling in India is that not everyone can easily enter from other countries.

You need to have a tourist visa to spend your vacations in India.

A tourist visa is applicable for everyone who wishes to visit India for tourism or non-business purpose.

Tourist Visa Is Not Applicable For:-
  1. Persons of Indian origin
  2. Spouse and children of Indian Origin person

Such people need to have an entry visa to enter India.

Except for the citizens of Nepal and Bhutan, all visitors need a visa to enter India. This year the Indian government has introduced one-month, one-year, and five-year electronic visas for citizens of most countries.

These e-visas are available for different purposes like tourism, business, medical, and conference, etc. For Canada to India,flyers need to have a tourist visa to enter India.

In case if your parents or grandparents were born in or lived in Pakistan, you will be ineligible to get an e-Visa. In that case, you will have to apply for a normal visa.

Here’s the detailed information you need to know before booking flights to India:

Travel Visa Scheme:-

Under the electronic visa (e-Visa) scheme, visitors can easily apply for an Electronic Visa online, and then get a visa stamp for entry into the country upon arrival. It is available for a one-month, one-year, and five-year validity period. 

Fees to obtain a Visa:-

For Canada to India tourist Visa fee is as follow:

  • 30 days e-visa (April to June): US $10
  • 30 days (July to March): US $25
  • 1 year: US $40
  • 5 years: US $80
Tourist Visa Validity:-
  • 1 month: With two entries, the one-month e-Tourist Visa is valid for 30 days after the day of arrival in India.
  • 1 year: This e-Tourist Visa is valid for 365 days with multiple entries. You can have a continuous stay of up to 180 days at a time.
  • 5 years: This e-Tourist Visa is valid for 365 days with multiple entries. You can have a continuous stay of up to 180 days at a time.

If you are only going to stay around 72 hours then you can go with the transit visa only. But, for a longer stay tourist visa is necessary.

When you should apply for the Visa?

It is the main factor that when you should apply for the visa. For this, you need to analyze the best time to visit India so that you can explore it in the best way.

  • Check out the weather condition before applying for the visa: Winters are mostly a pleasant time when you can visit India. It is the time when there is no precipitation and temperature is moderate to roam around easily. Avoid the months of April, May, and June due to summer and June to September due to heavy rain.
  • For an extensive travel experience plan your trip in the season when you get cheap flight tickets to India so you can book in an affordable range.
  • Budget-conscious backpackers can plan an ultimate journey with us. People who wish to spend their valuable holidays in India can go for treks and hilly areas for outdoor fun.

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Travel in Tourist Season:-

From November to March it is considered as the best time to visit India for tourists. Reserve your seats early to pick the best deal for the desired seat. Due to heavy season, the seats are already booked so plan and book early to avoid hassles. The peak travel destinations are crowded in the season so decide what places are good to visit and at what time.

So, before applying for the visa you must take care that you will go to India at that time. As if you can’t get the airline ticket for that time will drop all your excitement and fun. Moreover, in the festive season you can also come here to witness the cultural celebration in India.

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