Tips To Never Miss A Connecting Flight Again!

A traveler’s worst nightmare is a missed connection, which will result in unplanned additional travel expenses for lodging and food as well as unnecessary stress for all members of the group. The mishap can be weather related or because of unforeseen airline delays some of the times, many other times the situation is due to poor travel planning. For the first time, travelers here are some tips to help you make sure you won’t miss your connecting flights ever again.

  1. Download an airport map:

If you have limited time to go to distant gates or terminals and the airport you are connecting into is big, just make sure you have downloaded a map of the airport on your smartphone, to minimize your chances of wasting time or getting lost.


  1. Don’t book a tight connection:

If you are taking a domestic flight, the basic rule of thumb is never to book a connection that is less than 2 hours or less than 3 hours if you are flying internationally, if you are traveling with persons with disability or small kids or specially. Call the airline to talk to a live agent if you are unable to find layover you are looking for on the online booking site.


  1. Sit in front:

The faster you will be able to get off the aircraft if you sit closer to the front door and get to your next gate easily. When it comes to deplaning everyone gets pushy and wants to get off quickly although airlines have mastered the pre-boarding process. Don’t expect much sympathy because everyone has a reason to rush out just.  Just make sure you get out as soon as the plane lands and the door opens.


  1. Keep your family together:

As soon as possible after landing, it is critical for everyone in your group to leave the plane with their belongings to get to the next gate. It could take more than ten minutes to get everyone together if you are sitting in separate places on the aircraft, especially a large one. Due to this extra delay, you would arrive late to your next gate and miss your next flight.


  1. Travel with carry-on bags:

It is preferred to ask for pre-boarding and make sure you put your suitcase in the overhead bin directly above or in front of you. Don’t put your luggage in the bins behind as you are risking further delays and will be spending time trying to fight the stream of people moving forward to exit the plane.

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