This Father’s Day Doesn’t Give Him An Expensive Gift, BUT Do Something Different!

Father’s day: third Sunday in June will be around the corner soon!

Yes, I know that we all want to surprise our superhero with the best gift on the occasion of father’s day. No, doubt even I feel the same. But why not do something different on this Father’s day which he will cherish throughout his life. Something, like spending some valuable time with him or prepare delicious breakfast for him or camping or some other activities which he like the most. Let’s just explore my list of activities which I am thinking to do with my father on this father’s day; maybe this will excite you to plan something for you dad!

  • Make a delicious breakfast:

We love when our parents surprise us or do something out of the box; in the same way, our parents love when we do something special for them. You can help your father with breakfast. Or even best you can prepare a delicious breakfast and make everything ready for him to eat when he wakes up.

  • Plan a bike ride with him:

One of the best parts about the father’s day is that it falls at the beginning of the summer when the weather is just perfect. So you can plan a first bike ride of the season with your father on the special occasion of father’s day.  Get some fresh air during the ride and work up an appetite for dinner

  • Car show:

My father is fanatic for vintage cars and sweet rides, so I am planning to take him to a car show. So, if your dad is also fond of cars then find a local car show and take him in all of the automobile glory. Your one this kind of move can fill his entire day with happiness.

  • Float down a river:

This is another stress relieving exercise. Yes! You can take your dad for kayaking or canoeing on the nearest body of water.  And once he works up an appetite rowing, treat him with an amazing lunch at his favorite restaurant. OR even you can take him on a long drive. A fast speedy car can make his day the best.

  • Visit historic sites:

No doubt, our parents are closer to historic places such as the museum. So you can take to the any of his favorite historic site where he used to go in his childhood days. Or you can take a field trip and explore the entire possible historic site around the city.

  • Golf ground for a sporty dad:

If your father is a golfer then you can spend 18 holes worth of quality time with dad. This can be a great excuse to hang out together and if you are not the greatest golfer, he’ll enjoy showing off his skills.

  • Get out in nature:

Look for a camping ground near you. Pitch a tent, start a campfire, pick up the right gear and go wild. How about cooking while camping? Perfect combination. Isn’t? Everything tastes better when it cook on a stick over an open flame!

No matter, what your father’s favorite is; he will surely be happy with your small plans and appreciate your thought to do something different for him on this special occasion of father’s day.

Cheers to all daddies!

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