Travel Tips: Everything You Need To Know For Your First Time International Trip!

No matter how much you have traveled to your home country but traveling internationally is something way more adventures and exciting than your thoughts. And if it’s your first trip then the excitement is hard to handle. But to make it more perfect you need to follow some of the tips so that you can enjoy your first international trip comfortably:

1) Check your passport:

First and foremost! Check your passport even booking your flight ticket. Its validity; name, other information, everything, before leaving your country so that you can change it if requires. Many countries require the validity of at least 6 months.

2) Make photocopies of all your travel documents:

Scan all your official documents including your passport, visa and all the travel documents. Keep them in a separate location and keep one copy of them in your home. Then if you lose any of them by chance on the trip then at least you have a proof of identity which will provide you with the permission to be in the country when you deal with local police.

3) Check your airline’s baggage requirements:

You should know what to pack before boarding a flight so that you can your journey will be hassle-free. Every airline has different baggage policy so you need to check the baggage policy and general rules. As per my experience pack your bag as light as possible. No dangerous liquids or firearms are allowed in the plane at all.

4) Arrive early:

2 hours early arrival will be helpful for you. As being a first-time traveler you might not know the full process, from check-in to gate arrival. That is why it is advisable to reach the airport at least 2 hours early from your flight departure time. So, that if there will be any delay or any unexpected situation will come when you will have time to manage it properly.

5) Things which are must carry on the trip abroad:

Foreign exchange: MUST CARRY ON ABROAD TRIP! Cash is the easiest source of the transaction and mostly accepted everywhere. Hence, I would suggest you keep a lot of change or carry enough foreign exchange both in cash and coins so that your trip will be hassle-free. No doubt you can use a debit card for extra points but even you shouldn’t ignore.

Toiletries: you can adjust with less number of clothes, shoes, minimum makeup stuff; but toiletries you can’t ignore too. Although business and first class flights will provide you with an amenity kit and so do hotels provide you toiletries, still it is good to have your own stuff. As it is also believed that provide stuff in the flights and hotel are not washed often. Carry your own to be safe and secure

6) Local research:

It is good to do some research on the place you are going to visit. That will help you to get to know more about the place and its culture. Plus, don’t ever say NO to street food, it won’t harm you. But expensive hotels will surely harm your pocket. So, in your first visit try to have some popular street food as it has its own experience to have.

7) Buy travel insurance:

If by chance something wrong will happen to you on the trip then you would get some benefit or return from travel insurance. Plan your trip effectively and then proceed towards the destination.

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