The Most Stunning Monsoon Destinations In India

Monsoons are amazing. They give a lot to you like respite from the heat, loads of water replenishment and a good time to enjoy. During the monsoons you can have a great time with your family members. Yes, it is that time of the year, when you can travel to a great monsoon destination and have a splendid experience. You do not have to put your travel plans on hold, for here is a list of the best monsoon getaways in India.

All that you need to do is to get your rain gear out, decide your destination, search for a spectacular place to stay, book tickets for yourself and your family and head out for a marvellous monsoon vacation. You need to ensure that you get your bookings done from a reliable website that offers the best prices. If you are planning to visit India from the United States then there are a lot of options for you. You can get really cheap tickets to India from USA and there are lots of USA to India direct flights to choose from.

While most of the people who love to travel take an off for a month or more while it rains, you can definitely head out for some exploration time sans the regular crowd.From Kerala to Uttarakhand, here is a list of the top destinations that we have you covered for that can be the perfect getaway for you during the rainy season.


Cherrapunji is the foremost place to witness the rains in action. If you have not experienced rains in Cherrapunji so far, you have deprived yourself of an unimaginable experience that cannot be put into words. A fantastic destination for hard core travellers, Cherrapunji and its surrounding areas will make you put on your rubber boots, umbrellas, raincoats and a lot more. While here, you can opt for a short trek to the Living Root Bridges, a short trip to Mawlynnong and hours of amazing music in Shillong. There is so much to do. You can enjoy some of the best food cuisines available at top restaurants and diners.


Munnar is a beautiful place that looks even more gorgeous during the monsoons. It sees a lot of traffic all throughout the year and only a few people realise that the place has an outstanding charm during the monsoons. This beautiful hill town has more than what you can expect. On a regular rainy day you will experience fog rolling in, aromas of spices and coffee in the air, tea gardens looking as green as it can be. Munnar seems like a canvas painted fresh and the one you cannot touch. You can head out and drive around to enjoy the great Indian monsoon which offers its best in Munnar. While doing this you can sip on a hot cup of the best filter coffee and enjoy local cuisine available all around you.


If you enjoy looking over the Arabian Sea as thunderstorms roll in, Varkala is the perfect place for you to travel to. It is home to some really famous red cliffs that are lined by luxurious resorts as well as backpackers’ dens that offer more than just a comfortable stay. A heaven for all the foodies out there, Varkala is where Kerala offers you the most when monsoons arrive. There are retreats in Varkala where you can book yourself a stay for an Ayurvedic Spa and go off the grid, enjoying the rains.


Binsar is an off-beat destination that you can choose over the popular ones. You can choose to skip over the famous destinations like Nainital, Manali, Mcleodganj, Shimla and more to enjoy a great time in Binsar. Binsar is waiting to be explored. If you are a true traveller at heart, you can exploit the beauty in Binsar. It is one of Uttarakhand’s best kept secrets until a few years ago when travellers explored this beautiful place and word spread around like wildfire. Binsar is still an untouched beauty and makes for a cosy hideaway especially during the relaxing monsoons. When the rains stop and you have a clear day outside, you can get ready to treat yourself with the beauty of the Himalayan peaks such as Nanda Devi, Chaukhamba, Panchachuli, Nanda Kot and more.


Hampi is the destination that offers a lot more than you can expect. The place has historic value to it and is also the place to witness rich Indian culture. There is a lot for you to do and experience with your family, be it the thrill of wandering in the ruins of a lost empire, the rush of bouldering in perfect terrain, or having a relaxing experience on the banks of the River Tungabhadra. Your desire for thrill will not be satiated easily in Hampi as it will leave you asking for more, especially when it rains. It has an unmatched charm that cannot be paralleled by any other place and is perfect to spend a long weekend with your loved ones. Lot of amazing hotels will make your stay as comfortable as it can be.

A Word of Advice.

Rains can be mesmerising. At the same time the rains bring with them a lot of tough conditions as well. You need to make sure that you carry along a medical kit with you at all times. Carry mosquito repellents and packed food stuff. Apart from this make sure that you carry umbrellas, rain coats and rubber boots. Most importantly, make sure you have a great time.


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