Places To Travel With Your Friends In India

Travelling with friends can be really amazing. You have a great time with friends and the level of enjoyment is literally unmatched. You can choose to travel at destinations that might include beaches, mountains or deserts. It is however, a good thing if you travel to a country that has it all so that you can choose from different landscapes in a single country. Amongst all the countries in the world that are famous amongst travellers, India is one of those few countries that offers it all.

Each and every popular destination in India can offer you and your friends a chance to rejuvenate your friendship, and make memories for a lifetime apart from a good time. Every single person literally dreams of something like this and have an experience that lives within us forever. Going on an exploration with your friends is something you should look forward to and India has some amazing destinations for this purpose. The destination that you choose has to be nothing but the best and must offer lots of great adventures that would help create a number of good memories. So here is a list of some of the top destinations to travel with friends in India.


When talking about India the first destination that comes to mind is Goa. You simply cannot ignore the elephant in the room! Goa has and will always be the most happening destination in India when it comes to partying, and what better way to enjoy your holiday than to party with your friends? There are numerous places to visit all across Goa, like the white sand beaches, the old quarters with its Portuguese wonders, amazing churches and some of the most scenic hills. There is just so much to do in Goa. You can rent your own vehicle like a jeep, a scooter or a motorcycle and have an unimaginable trip with your gang of friends. The food is amazing and you won’t regret eating something that you ordered on your Goa trip ever.



Travelling can’t get any better when you choose a destination that is filled with adventure and natural beauty. The top notch travel destination in India, Ladakh is unadulterated adventure, and it gets better when you are with your friends. Ladakh presents travellers with astounding landscapes, and even better adventures. With destinations like Khardungla Pass and Pangong Lake, Ladakh is the best destination to travel to with friends. There is something about the air in Ladakh that makes it unquestionably astonishing. Go for a road trip starting from Chandigarh and you will not regret it ever as it will be the most memorable trip of your life. Your trip to Ladakh, is definitely going to be worth every moment. Plan a trip during the summers and you will have a great time. Also pack some food stuff so that you don’t get starved as in Ladakh you won’t find proper food for long stretches.



Set within the eastern parts of the country, Gangtok has to be one of the most well-developed hill towns that there can ever be. You will find yourself enjoying the best of both worlds, beauty of nature and the life of a big city. Gangtok is full of life. You will enjoy every second you spend here. From amazing food to scenic destinations and from an eclectic nightlife to its calming monasteries, Gangtok has it all and then there are other wonderful things like a futsal! Gangtok also allows you to have some charming time that includes gambling in a casino, and so you can imagine why this place is the one you need to visit with your friends. The Sikkimese cuisine is something you will cherish all the while you are enjoying your time in this beautiful hill town.



No list can be complete without Kerala. Kerala is a destination that offers more than anyone can ever bargain for. There are numerous destinations within its boundaries that are worth a trip, and we think that a trip to Kerala could turn out to be enchanting especially if plan to go there with your gang. They say Kerala is God’s Own Country and it’s pretty much true. This beautiful state has both beaches and hill stations so you can choose where you wish to head to. You can backpack across the state, or choose to live in a boathouse, and explore the wonders of nature. The food in Kerala is exquisite and there is nothing you have ever eaten before.



Rafting, food and more. Shivpuri is a destination that offers you everything from an unending adrenaline rush to a sudden peace of mind. Set 16 km away from Lakshman Jhula, Shivpuri is the most absolute place for the perfect weekend getaway. At Shivpuri you will find limitless places to camp with friends as the options are many and you will be able to spend a weekend with your friends doing stuff you can’t even imagine. Stuff that is full of fun. You get the opportunity to enjoy river rafting, and get a bonfire set up next to a river where you all can sing and dance the night away. You can choose for packages that have food included so that you know that everything is taken care of.


Final Words

Plan your trip. Don’t rush in and travel with your friends without a proper travel plan. You will end up making the trip pathetic. Wherever you choose to go, make sure that you plan it in advance. Get your bookings done in advance after proper research and have a good time. Try to save money on your bookings. For example when you book flight tickets to India from USA, try to get the best prices. There are lots of USA to India flight ticket deals available through top travel websites and can help you save money, which you can use while on your trip.


1.> Which is the greatest place in India?

  • Varanasi
  • Taj Mahal
  • Rann of Kutch
  • Darjeeling
  • Kaziranga National Park
  • BR Hills

2.> Where can I roam in India?

  • Kashmir – For its captivating natural beauty.
  • Leh-Ladakh – For its unmatched trekking options.
  • Delhi – For its incredible history and past.
  • Agra – For its unprecedented Mughal grandeur.
  • Sikkim – For its breathtaking natural vistas.
  • Kerala – For its backwaters and much more.
  • Mysore – For its rich culture.



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