Srinagar International Airport Review, Hotels And Terminal Info

Srinagar Airport is an international airport that serves the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir. Being owned by the Indian Air Force, the Airports Authority of India operates a civil enclave at the airport.

The airport holds the title of an international airport in the year 2005 but has not served any international flight until November 2016. Despite that, it does support Hajj flights. The airport comprises an integrated terminal and one asphalt runway. Along with that, it also supports the bus and taxi service to the different parts of the city. The Srinagar Airport code is SXR.


The international airport in Srinagar comprises of following 2 terminals:

Domestic Terminal:

The domestic terminal is also known as the terminal 1. It supports the operations of all the local and regional flights within the country.

Along with that, there are also flights to Jeddah specifically on the Hajj season in which there is a high rate in the number of pilgrims in the Jammu & Kashmir region (as around 70% of the population is Muslim over there).

International Terminal:

The International terminal at the airport is also known as the terminal 2. This terminal regulates the flights all around the world from the airport.

The airport is known for its high security so the foreign travelers do need to register once arrival and depart.

Initially, the airport was used for the military purpose several times because of the major conflicts which took place in Jammu & Kashmir region after the Pakistani War and Kargil War.

In the year 2005, the government of India gave the status of the international airport to Srinagar Airport. After that, it operates international as well as domestic flights.

Connection between terminals:

Passengers can enjoy the provision of shuttle services at the airport, connecting both the terminals.


Passengers can pick from the following options of hotels available at Srinagar International Airport.

1 Hotel Star of Kashmir 10 minutes from the airport along with the airport transfers
2 Hotel Grand Kashmir 15 minutes from the airport plus the airport transfer service
3 Hotel Silver Star 15 minutes from the airport, including the airport transfers.
4 Hotel Kashmir Residency 4.4 miles from Srinagar Airport with free Wi-Fi and free parking facility
5 The Shelter Group of Houseboats 5.9 miles from Srinagar Airport; free parking available
6 Comrade Inn 6.0 miles from Srinagar Airport, including free parking and breakfast
7 Hotel Mirage 6.1 miles from the Airport with free Wi-Fi and free parking facility
8 New Orion Hotel 6.1 miles from Srinagar Airport, including Room Service
9 Hotel Meridien 6.1 miles from the Airport, free parking available



Currently, there is no lounge available at the Srinagar Airport.




Due to lack of any direct connection between the airport and the city center, passengers may need to suffer a little. The nearest railway service is available 14 km away from the Airport.


Coming to the bus service, there is the availability of a single bus line at the airport. This will help you to reach directly from the airport to the city center. It includes the following options:

  • JSRTC bus services (Srinagar Airport and TRC)
  • Daily connection between Srinagar Airport and the city center.


One can easily grab a taxi and get to the city center. This will only need you to invest 20 minutes to reach the city center.

Car Rental SERVICE:

There is the availability of car rental facility at the airport. You can connect to options like Kashmir Car Rental, Srinagar Airport Taxi, and Srinagar Car Rental.

You can find these car rental companies at the respective booths in each terminal.

There is also the option of booking a car online through the search engine for the passengers.


The Srinagar Airport became the international airport in the year 2005 only. Hence the International Terminal was built at the airport which supports 5 more parking stands. This increases the number from four to nine. At the airport, the total car parking capacity is for 250 vehicles. Passengers can easily select from the following parking options like drop off, short-term stay, and long-term stay.

Wi-Fi / Internet:

Travelers can easily enjoy the free Wi-Fi facility at the Srinagar Airport for up to 30 minutes.


In case, you need any cash; there are a number of ATMs and cash machines available throughout the terminal. You can find them outside the terminal building and in the Departures areas of the terminal.

Medical aid:

In case of any emergency, medical aid facility is available at the airport which you can ask for anytime. For additional information, you can check the Srinagar Airport website.

Currency Exchange:

Yes, the facility of currency exchange is also there at the airport.

Duty-Free & Shopping:

For passengers loving shopping, there are a lot of options available at the airport. You can purchase stuff like leather goods, shoes, and handicrafts from small shops in the Departures area.

Food & Drinks:

In the Departures area of the terminal, there is a snack bar and a restaurant available to satisfy the appetite of the passengers. In addition to that, a restaurant is located just outside of the terminal building also.

Information Counter:

Passengers in case of any doubt or query can reach the information counters located in the Arrivals areas of the Domestic and International terminals.

Srinagar Airport Reviews:

David Leston:

Srinagar Airport is quite an experience but then so is the whole of Kashmir for Europeans traveling there. The airport is currently in the process of being rebuilt so arrivals are processed in what can only be described as a shed. Departures use the half-finished terminal where it is impossible to hear announcements due to the deafening construction noise. There is dust and noise everywhere although it looks as if it might be quite nice when it’s finished! Be prepared to be repeatedly screened monitored searched and grilled every couple of steps along the way by a mixture of airport staff troops and military police and don’t expect them to be polite or friendly – they are not.

Ruhaan Khan:

An Airport with tight security and usually Airport road is overcrowded. I suggest passengers leave in time. Parking lots are quite big and you can take a walk around.  The seating area is nice and small. The extensions are in progress.  Cafe Coffee Day and some other good food stalls are available at the airport. Bookstalls and cloth stores are also available. Overall a nice place with the nice weather.

Arun Soundararajan:

It is a small airport which doesn’t give a feeling of the airport.

The landing procedure is finished quickly and outside you can witness pin drop silence and army personnel in every nook and corner.

While entering the airport they open a gate (as we open in our houses) and there is a security check where they scan our luggage and check the vehicle next go inside the airport and normal security checks and finally a security check near the airplane.


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