Southwest Airlines Reviews, Baggage Policy and services!

The Southwest Airlines is the largest low-cost carrier and situated in Dallas. The airline flies to more than 100 destinations. It flies to the 41 US destinations. The airline also has the international flights to the Bahamas, Aruba, Belize, Costa Rica, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Mexico.

Southwest also flies to Chicago Midway International Airport and Dallas Love Field in an effort to reduce costs.

Southwest Airlines baggage policy: –

The Passenger can carry two checked bag and one personal item such as a handbag or laptop bag. But the assistive devices and outer garments do not count as personal items. And your carry-on baggage must be fit in the overhead bin or under the seat that is in front of you.

Carry-on baggage:

Southwest Airlines allows only 1 carry-on baggage like a briefcase, purse or laptop bag. It must be fit in the overhead bin or under the seat in front of you.

Checked baggage:

The applicable fee per bag increase with number checked bags increased if it is more than 2.

Baggage Number of Pieces Maximum Size Maximum Weight
Carry-on 1 24 x 16 x 10 inch or 127 cm (61 x 41 x 28 cm) Have proper weight
Personal Items 1 18.5 x 8.5 x 13.5 inch Have proper weight
Checked 2 62 inches or 157 centimeters 50 pounds or 23 kilograms

Excess baggage: –

The size and weight of your baggage must not be more than 62 inches (L+W+H) and 50 lbs respectively. If it is so, then you have to pay for excess baggage plus for the oversize or overweight.

Overweight baggage: –

Southwest Airlines will charge you for the overweight bags if it is greater than the standard weight that is 50 pounds or 23 kilograms: The following situations are for overweight baggage:

  • If the weight of the bag is 51 to 100 pounds or 24 to 46 kilograms, they will charge you.
  • But the bags that are exceeding 100 pounds or 46 kilograms will not be accepted as checked baggage.

Oversize baggage: –

  • Southwest Airlines (WN) will charge you for oversized bags that are from 63 to 115 linear inches or from 160 to 292 centimeters.
  • Bags that are greater than 115 linear inches or 292 centimeters will not be accepted as checked baggage.

Sports Equipment: –

Sports equipment like golf bags, skis, hockey, fishing equipment, and lacrosse equipment will be accepted with limited size and weight. Associated fees might be applied.

Pets: –

  • You can only carry the small vaccinated domestic cats and dogs in an appropriate pet carrier.
  • Animals are not allowed to travel in-cabin on international flights.

Southwest Airlines services:-

Southwest offers free in-flight non-alcoholic beverages and offers alcoholic beverages. Free alcoholic drinks are offered on popular holidays such as New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day and Mardi Gras. It maintains excellent customer satisfaction ratings.

In flight Entertainment:-

  • All 737 are equipped with Wi-Fi facilities, free streaming live television, and movies on demand.
  • Live in-flight video and real-time flight tracking information via Wi-Fi are also available to all passengers with full Internet access.

Evolve interior: –

Southwest has its fleet with a new interior, called the evolve interior. It includes a modern cabin design, lighter and more comfortable seats, increased under the seat space, new seatback pockets to provide more knee room, etc.

All Boeing 737-800s have the Boeing Sky Interior, which includes sculpted sidewalls and redesigned window housings, along with increased headroom and LED mood lighting.

Heart interior: –

Southwest designed its newest interior that is known as Heart Interior. It includes a new gallery and the widest seat that provides additional space for the passengers.

Southwest Airlines Check-ins:

You must have your photo ID, flight reservation code, flight number destination, or electronic ticket number for check-in. You can access your reservation with your confirmation code, e-ticket number, or frequent flyer account.

There is a number of check-ins available in Southwest Airlines (WN) flight and that is:

  • Online check-in or Web check-in: – The possible time of online check-in starts for 24 hours and ends 60 minutes, before the departure.
  • Earlybird check-in: – Earlybird automatically starts check you in and assign the position for boarding. Select your preferred seat and access overhead bin storage for your carry-on luggage earlier.
  • Mobile check-in: – The Mobile check-in starts 24 hours before the departure time.
  • Curbside check-in at the airport: – The curbside starts from 3 hours to 60 minutes, before the departure time.
  • Self-service kiosk and Ticket counter check-in at the airport: – This check-in applicable at the airport and time starts from 3 hours to 30 minutes, before the scheduled departure time and receive a printed boarding pass.

This article contains the in-flight services, Baggage allowance, and other entertainment options. So, want to upgrade with the southwest airline facilities, read and make your trip with this airline.

Southwest airlines reviews: –

Courtney Tonarelli

             I flew from Sacramento to San Diego with Southwest. The staff on this aircraft was amazing. They were so friendly, and provide the excellent services. They made me feel so comfortable. Thank you for making my flight so enjoyable.

Melvyn Polon

          Due to the storm in Texas, I was unable to fly from Nashville to Dallas. The Southwest staff has been lagging behind to help me and the results are more than satisfactory. I am very grateful for the standard of customer service.

David Corob

        Love southwest. Flights have always been on time for me. All the people I have introduced, they are friendly and useful. After an exceptionally stressful flight due to another carrier leaving us stranded, a pilot saw me frustrated and asked to help, pointed me in the direction I needed to go. Wasn’t his job, but he helped anyways. Besides reliable and friendly, add on the free checked bags and the prices are even more reasonable. Lately if the costs are even close, I use southwest. I just trust them so much more than other carriers.

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