Southwest Airlines Adding Seasonal Flights Service At Long Beach!

For a short period of time, the Southwest Airlines has announced that it is increasing Seasonal flights service at the Long Beach Airport this fall.

  • The airline will offer 2 additional non-stop flights between Long Beach and Sacramento.
  • And 3 non-stop flights between Long Beach and Las Vegas.
  • This year, the new seasonal flights will be available during September and October that is from September 5 through October 31.

The airline has not stated if it will seek additional slots for these flights after this time period. The slots for these flights are actually operated by JetBlue, who is not currently using them. JetBlue said that they wish to maintain the 34 slots they have at Long Beach, even though they are only operating 25 flights at this time.

Any unused slots are reported to the airport on a monthly basis under the guidelines of the airport. These slots can then be assigned to a different carrier on a temporary basis. Each month, the available slots may be different.

Increasing its presence in the Long Beach area is part of the Southwest expansion plan. The airline has been actively trying to reach more unique destinations within the United States as well as in Mexico.

Southwest has not stated that they going to seek these slots on a permanent basis in the future. As it stands, JetBlue has no intention of giving up these slots, though they also have no intention of using them at the moment. Only time will be able to determine which carrier will use these slots on a full-time basis.

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