Southwest Airlines & iHeartRadio Team Up & Offering Free In-Flight Music Service!

Today, Southwest Airlines announced that the airline is teaming up with iHeartRadio to bring iHeartMedia’s free all-in-one digital music and live streaming radio service to customers. This new exclusive music offering service will start within onboard entertainment portal on Southwest flights.

Customers will be able to use the onboard Wi-Fi and can enjoy free in-flight music service to listen to live radio. Through this onboard entertainment portal, customers can enjoy all their favorite musical genres like:

  • Alternative rock
  • Hip-hop
  • R&B
  • Top 40 hit music, and more.

From these genres, passengers can choose their favorite live radio station or pick from hundreds of artists and can also create custom stations featuring music from their favorite artists. The passenger can take the advantage of these services on their phone, tablets, and computers. In addition, iHeartRadio will also bring customers expertly-curated station themes perfect for in-flight listening like Pass the Time and Kids Zone.

Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Southwest Airlines Ryan Green said, “Our customers and employees are passionate about music. And for Southwest, music is a part of a larger story—it’s an ongoing investment in enhancing our customers’ travel experiences. Through this partnership with iHeartRadio, we will create the soundtrack to our customers’ journeys as we connect them to what is important in their lives.”

The President of Strategic Partnerships for iHeartMedia Michele Laven said, “We continue to expand iHeartRadio’s massive distribution platform to ensure that we are available everywhere our listeners are with the products and services they use most. We are proud to team up with Southwest Airlines to bring the music, radio stations, and on-air personality’s people love in-flight, continuing to entertain our listeners and Southwest passengers as they travel to their destinations.”


  • Customers can access iHeartRadio free of charge through the onboard entertainment portal on their personal devices.
  • Once activated, the music will continue to play as long as the entertainment portal is open in a tab.
  • It will allow customers to browse the rest of the portal, check the flight tracker or utilize the web if they have purchased Wi-Fi access.
  • Customers who already have the iHeartRadio app installed on their devices will be able to play their personalized music and favorite podcasts directly from the app while onboard Southwest flights.
  • Those passengers who already subscribe to iHeartRadio can access on-demand subscription service. They will also have access to their entire music library and saved playlists as well as enjoy millions of songs and albums instantly.

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