Snowstorm Forces US Airline Delta To Cancels Hundreds Of Flights

WASHINGTON: As a result of the early winter snowstorm, the US-based Delta Air Lines has to cancel hundreds of flights just two weeks before Christmas.

Delta faces more impacts than any other airline as the storm is hitting Delta’s largest hub, in Atlanta.

According to the airline, it has canceled 375 flights in total as of midday and has advised the passengers to make changes in their travel plans if they were booked on flights through Atlanta over the weekend. If they do so, then there is no need to pay the change fee.

As per the Forecasters on this rare winter weather warning for the southern United States, this snow will hit paces that rarely see it. Coming to Atlanta, it is only expected to get one to two inches of snow. However, this will cause dangerous driving conditions.

Delta will maintain a delayed operation to ensure flights are properly de-iced and continuously moving

Depending on how the storm develops, Delta Air Lines cautioned that it may add cancellations or further delays as needed. On the other hand, the passengers are allowed to request a refund for canceled flights.



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