Delta Named ‘Healthiest Airline’ In Annual Airline Food Report

Eating healthy food can be a great task if you are at the airport or on a plane.

At 35,000 feet, you have to minimize your eating choices as there are only a few healthy options available.

Nowadays, it becomes very necessary for the passengers to be aware of the “best” and “worst” food choices from a health perspective, stated by Charles Platkin (Director of the Hunter College NYC Food Policy Center and editor of   He and his colleagues released a report that rates the foods offered by 12 airlines, including Delta, Virgin Atlantic, American, United, Alaska Air, JetBlue, Southwest, and others.

Talking about this year results, Delta tied with Virgin Atlantic as the “healthiest airline.” Both the carriers scored 4 out of 5 stars, followed by Air Canada and JetBlue, which tied for a 2nd position with 3.75 stars. Talking about the bottom of the list, there is Hawaiian Airlines with a measly 1 star.

Platkin’s “health score” ratings are based on factors like airlines’ food offerings i.e. healthful nutrients, calories.


According to Platkin, there are a variety of reasons behind the 1st spot of Delta. This includes:

  • Delta has decreased the overall average calories of its meals, snack boxes and individual snacks from 527 to 480.
  • Plus, the menu of the airline is transparent about ingredient and allergen information.
  • Delta is working with the Canadian-based frozen-food company Luvo which has a very strong commitment to healthy eating.
  • Talking about Delta’s onboard food services, it offers almonds which is a better option as compare to a Kind bar or the lower-calorie pretzels for snacks.
  • For the meal, GMO-free Tapas Snack Box is a good healthy choice. You will get stuff like Super Seed Crackers, Snapea Crisps, dark chocolate almonds, hummus, and quinoa with pepper dip in it.
  • If you are traveling in the morning, the continental breakfast with fruits and yogurt at 345 calories is perfect.
  • For Lunch or Dinner, there is the option of Sesame Noodle Salad or the Greek Meze Plate.

Hawaiian Airlines holds the last place in this list because the food is high in calories and the menu doesn’t offer much choice in terms of health.


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