Singapore Airlines Unveils 2019 Menu for Premium Flyers

Singapore Airlines (SIA) recently revealed the new menu for First Class and Business Class passengers.

For the first quarter of 2019, First Class passengers will enjoy a four-course meal conceptualized by Moran. Moran is a part of SIA’s International Culinary Panel (ICP) chefs, which creates and devises new dishes for the airline.

The dishes include lobster with asparagustomato, grilled beef with chimichurri sauce and coconut panna cotta.

Next came the menu for Business Class by American chef and restaurateur Alfred Portale: a chicken dish made with bayaldi vegetables, and prawns with pineapple. The dish is served with ginger, apple and a sprig of coriander in lemon and olive oil dressing.

Another dish is the braised pork ribs in noodle soup.Desserts include the opera cake with coffee ice cream, and coconut panacotta with strawberries.

The new meal series will be available from January to March 2019.

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