A Guide To San Francisco Airport Hotels, Lounges, Terminals & More!

When it comes to any Airport, for surely a place with the facilities for the flights to take off and land. With the latest reviews, we come to do some latest case study on the San Francisco Airport. It’s an Airport which counted nation’s busiest one, handles domestic and International Flights to and from the city. It services flights from about the major carriers.

San Francisco Airport is an international airport which is located 13 miles south of downtown San Francisco (US). The airport serves the passengers traveling throughout North America, Europe, and Asia.

Being the second busiest airport in California, it functions as United Airlines’ primary transpacific gateway. San Francisco Airport code is ‘SFO’.

Hence here we are discussing all the details of San Francisco International Airport, including its terminal information, number of hotels and lounges, plus the facilities and services which one can avail here. When it’s time for a layover at the airport, we come out with some really good stuff:


Terminal 1:

At this spot enjoys the organic treat from the three twin’s ice cream before the take off on AirTran Airways, Southwest Airlines, and US Airways. Also includes the duty-free shopping for makeup hounds, alcohol hoarders, and luxury shoppers.

Terminal 2:

This beautifully contains a great number of commissioned art pieces. Your wish you can go for to closing your eyes, though, the Yoga Room is dark and intimate.

Terminal 3:

It’s on hold we can say, undergoing redesign scheduled which going to an end next year. Call for reflective ceilings, white walls, and open windows. Rest sculpture garden, rotating art exhibit, and small aquarium are also in under process.

International Terminal:

You will have one of four Xpress Spas here for a massage, wax, or mani-pedi, as organic facial add-ons. You can also imbibe; inhale the breathtaking view of the city from the stylish Virgin Atlantic San Francisco Clubhouse. You have to shell out $40to get into Level 5.

Overall it is easy to eyes with intuitive design. You don’t feel confined, but it’s also easy to stay wired. As to be the quick-tripping hipster, this airport provides a delicate balance of work and play. It does inject its own high-tech flavor, and it’s not afraid to change with the times.

T1, T2, T3, and the International terminal, if a traveler wishes to walk over, that can be done all in pre-security with approx 15 minutes.

  • San Francisco Airport also offers a lot of local food option.
  • Wi-Fi provision is free.
  • Say thanks to fog in the bay area, as result of the regular occurrence of delays.

Good interiors are done over here with this airport, as you’ll get an automatic feeling of moving around some museum. The furniture looks like has been plucked out of an IKEA catalog.

The entire place is designed, where any of work can be done the aesthetically pleasing environment. On another hand, if we talk about the walkability designed with the circular with branches (like a tarantula). Ease to move from terminal to terminal, whereas some are springy like a moon bounce.

Security and immigration: Quite good with efficiency, as wait times generally less than 30 minutes. There you will also find a shower near international terminal where you can freshen up, as well as landscaped, fenced –in relief area for your friends.


Following are details of the hotels at SFO airport:

1 Aloft San Francisco Airport 5 minutes from the airport with free airport shuttle service
2 The Westin San Francisco Airport 5 minutes from the airport with free 24-hour airport shuttle service
3 San Francisco Airport Marriott Waterfront 5 minutes from the airport with free airport shuttle is available
4 Hampton Inn & Suites San Francisco Burlingame Airport South Located 5 minutes away from the airport with free airport shuttle service that runs every 30 to 40 minutes
5 Vagabond Inn Executive San Francisco Airport Bayfront 6 minutes from the airport. Free airport shuttle is available.
6 The Orchard Hotel 11.8 miles from San Francisco Intl Airport with free Wi-Fi service
7 Chancellor Hotel on Union Square 11.7 miles from San Francisco Intl Airport with free Wi-Fi service
8 Beach House at Half Moon Bay 9.7 miles from San Francisco Intl Airport with free Wi-Fi facility
9 Hotel Mayflower 11.8 miles from San Francisco Intl Airport with free Wi-Fi and breakfast facility
10 Phoenix Hotel SF 11.4 miles from San Francisco Intl Airport with free Wi-Fi and free parking as well


1 Delta Sky Club ·         Located at Terminal 1, Airside, Concourse C, near Gate 41
2 American Airlines Admirals Club ·         Located at Terminal 2, Airside, Boarding Area D
3 United Club ·         Located at Domestic Terminal 3, Airside – Concourse E, Mezzanine Level, near Gate 72

·         At Domestic Terminal 3, Airside, Concourse F, Rotunda, near Gate 80

·         At International Terminal, Airside, Concourse G, 3rd Floor

4 Centurion Lounge ·         Located at Terminal 3, Airside, Boarding Area F, Gate 74
5 Air France – KLM Lounge ·         Located at International Terminal, Airside, Concourse A



Passengers can easily access the free Wi-Fi at the San Francisco Airport. All they need to do is to connect to the “#SFO FREE WIFI” network.


For the convenience of the passengers, there are cash machines available at different locations of the airport; both landside and airside. Travelex ATM Machines are there for the passengers:

  • At Departures Level, near the Food Court by Boarding Area A
  • At Boarding Area A near Gate A10
  • At Departures Level, near the Food Court by Boarding Area G
  • At Boarding Area G near Gate G91

To keep your kids entertained at the airport, there is the availability of kids playing areas here. Following are locations where you can find one:

  • At Terminal 2, Boarding Area D near Gates 54A and 58B, post-security
  • At Terminal 3, Airside, Boarding Area F near Gate 87A
  • At Terminal 3, Airside, Boarding Area E, near Gate 62



For the convenience of the passengers, Travelex America has many currency exchange offices throughout the terminals of the SFO Airport. You can find these at International Terminal and also one in Terminal 3, Boarding Area F, near Gate 71 (Airside).


Passengers can also enjoy the duty-free shopping at the airport. DFS Duty-Free Galleria has four airside locations in the International Terminal. You can easily find one at Gate A2, Gate G92, Gate A9, and Gate G93. Variations can be seen in the time duration of these shops.


Passengers can enjoy a wide range of drinks and snacks at all the terminals of the airport. There are also food concessions which operate with varying schedules. One of the options which you can avail 24 hours is Green Beans Coffee which is located at Terminal 1, landside, near boarding area C. There are vending machines presents at all Terminals.


In case, there is an emergency; SFO Medical Clinic is there to provide medical treatments. You can find these at International Terminal, Landside, Main Hall, on the Boarding Area A side, Departures/Ticketing Level.


There is the availability of power outlets as well as workstations throughout the Terminals without any fee or charge. These are located:

  • At Terminal 1, Boarding Area B near Gate 23
  • At Terminal 3, Boarding Area E near Gate 61
  • At Terminal 3, Boarding Area F near Gate 87



At the airport, there are few places where you can enjoy a shower. You can find showers at Freshen’ Up in the International Terminal, landslide, level G (Main Hall).

Talking about the Spa facilities, you can find the XpresSpa at these locations:

  • At Terminal 2, airside, boarding area D
  • At Terminal 3, airside, boarding area E
  • At Terminal 3, airside, boarding area F
  • At International Terminal, airside, boarding area G


Passengers can get the SamTrans bus service which is available 24-hour between SFO, San Mateo County and parts of San Francisco. These are located at:

  • At Terminal 2 – Arrivals/Baggage Claim Level
  • At Terminal 3 – Arrivals/Baggage Claim Level
  • At International Terminal – Level 1 at Courtyard A

Car Rentals:

The car rental service is there at SFO airport which can be accessed from the airport terminals via AirTrain Blue Line. SFO’s onsite car rental agencies are located on the 4th floor of the building. Some of the car rental agencies also provide free shuttle service to their locations too.


Passengers can find the taxi ranks on the Arrivals/Baggage Claim level of all terminals. Uniformed taxi coordinators are there who can assist passengers with questions and locate a wheelchair-accessible taxi too. These taxis are metered and by law must accept fares to all Bay area destinations.


You will find BART which is a commuter train network. It serves San Francisco, northern San Mateo County, and the East Bay. You can buy the tickets at any BART stations or can purchase a BART ticket voucher in advance at the Information Desk near the AirTrain escalator.


San Francisco Airport Reviews:
  • Bill Holmes:

We flew from Terminal 3, the base for United’s domestic operations. Things have improved markedly at San Francisco over the past couple of years. Terminal 3 has been thoroughly modernized and has many state-of-the-art features. United’s clubs, at gate 69 and in the satellite concourse, are both among their better clubs. Check-in is well-spaced and efficient. Security, long a problem for Terminal 3, seems to have been configured to move quickly. We were flying at midday and experienced no wait at TSA Pre-check. As an aside, I’m also familiar with SFO’s international concourses. They are among the best in the US, with lots of facilities and efficient boarding areas.

  • Karl Moosbrugger:

After reading all these negative reviews I was positively surprised by San Francisco Airport. Arrived on an international flight on Friday evening with United. No, wait for immigration at all! Officer was very friendly, baggage delivery was quick and I was out approx 20 minutes after leaving the aircraft. Next morning, departed on a domestic flight. Security was fast (wait time hardly 3 minutes – ok, admittedly I could take the first class line, but the normal one was also very short) so I had plenty of time for coffee. Directions in the terminal were clearly marked and I found it easy to navigate.

  • Joe Hall:

I want to thank the staff that helped me find my lost briefcase which I foolishly left in a bathroom after arriving in San Francisco from a long flight. The ground floor baggage office, the oversize baggage office, the cleaning staff, the lost and found the office and the Qantas desk. Also all the various TSA, police officers and information desk staff. All these people in one way or another were so helpful and never just told me tough luck. There was nothing of particular value in the briefcase, just a lot of items which I collected on my trip, but nevertheless, I wanted to keep. It is hard to believe in such a major airport so many people would be so willing to help me. I was especially impressed with the downstairs luggage office in the international terminal who very willingly contacted a staff member who quickly checked the plane and searched it for the briefcase. The lost and found police officer did more than have me fill out a form and quickly confirmed that the briefcase had been found and returned to Qantas.


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