Requirements And Application Procedure Of Indian Transit Visa For US Citizens

All foreign nationals who want to enter in India must have an Indian visa. Once, you get a visa means that you are permitted to enter in a country and stay there for a specific period of time. Basically, the visas are issued by the immigration authorities of a country.

The visa is affixed into the visitor’s passport that contains the following information like the applicant’s first name, surname, date of birth, gender, nationality, the number of the personal identity document, reference number of the invitation, date of visa expiration, the purpose of visit, and the number of entries granted to the Traveler.

When you want to enter in India for the sole purpose or your layover time in India is between 24 – 72 hours, apply for a ‘TRANSIT VISA’.  If your layover time in India exceeds more than 72 hours, then apply for a Tourist Visa.

The visa will ordinarily be valid for a single/double journey and for entry within 15 days of the date of issue. So, here are some tips on how to apply for an Indian transit visa for US citizen.

How to Apply for a Transit Visa:

The applicants can fill an online visa application form by visiting the government site. Then, visit the nearest embassy or office with the printout of the online filled application form and then submit it. You can also apply for a visa offline. In that case, you need to download the form and fill it with the required details.

Step 1: –

Visit the “” site and click on the “Regular Visa Application” option.  You can continue to the next page by filling the correct information in the required fields and selecting the visa type.

Step 2: –

Now, select the Online Visa Application option and fill the required fields with the valid information. But, read the instruction before filling the application form.

Step 3:-

Print out the completed application form and sign it. Then, attach the photographs in the required fields. It is imperative that the photograph attached or submitted at the time of application must fall within the specifications and sizes given below.

  • Attach the colored photograph and make sure that it has a proper size i.e. 2 x 2 inches (50 mm x 50 mm).
  • Make sure that the photographs have a front view along with a plain/white background. But do not staple and tape the photographs with the application form.

You can also upload the photos instead of providing the physical passport photos.

Step 4: –

  • The major document that is required with the form is a clear photocopy of a Driver license or state issued ID. But the address on the ID must be same as the address on the visa application.
  • Or, you can attach a copy of a valid document that contains a proper signature of landlord/tenant.

Step 5: –

After that, click on the “Verified and Continue” button but make sure that the information you enter in the fields is correct. Then, a confirmation box will open with the Applicant Name and Number.

Do not try to make the handwritten corrections on the application form; otherwise, they will reject your application form.

Step 6: –

Submit your documents and the visa application form to the selected Visa Center after scheduling an appointment. You can also post the application form with the other relevant documents to the specified address.

Step 7: –

You can pay your visa fee online. Or you can pay cash at the time of your appointment.

Step 8: –

Check your visa status online. All you need to do is to visit the website and keep certain information handy. To know your online visa status, you will be required to put the Passport number and Application ID into the fields.

Transit visa requirements for Indian citizens

The Applicants who are under the Age of 18: The minors must have the Parental Authorization.

  • The minor must have the copy of his/her birth certificate.
  • Make sure that the minor child has a copy of parents’ signed passports.
  • A minor child has an appropriate signature inside the box that is under the photo on the first page of the application. On the second page, the signature of the child is not necessary but the signatures of the parents are must on the application.
  • The visa application must be signed and notarized by both the parents.
  • A copy of a parent’s driver’s license or utility bill can also be used as proof of residential address.
  • A minor must submit a copy of the parent’s canceled Indian Passport and a copy of the parent’s Renunciation Certificate.

For Atlanta: The copy of both sides of Permanent Resident Card, Employment Authorization Card and long term US visa is a must.

For Chicago, New York, Houston and Washington, DC: Original, notarized Parental Authorization for Minors.

For San Francisco:  They also need a copy of parent’ bank statements.  If the minor child is traveling alone, then provide the parents’ past three bank statements.


A ‘TRANSIT VISA’ is issued to enable a person to travel through India and reach the ultimate destination. The maximum permitted stay in India during each visit is 72 hours.

You can apply for a ‘Transit Visa’ if you are going to change the flight from the International Terminal to the Domestic Terminal of any Indian Airport.

You can enter in India if you have a valid passport with a valid Indian visa including the minor children, each one of which must have a valid visa to travel to India.

Duration & Validity

  • The duration of stay in India should not exceed more than 3 days.
  • The Transit Visa is valid for 15 days from the date of issue. But all depends upon the requirements of the applicant that is for single entry or double entry.
  • The validity of Transit Visa starts from the date of visa issuance, not from the date of entry into India.

Indian visa fees of Transit Visa

The cost of an Indian Transit Visa varies depending on the countries according to the arrangement between the governments. The fee for the visa is divided into various types, such as reference fee, basic visa fee, and other service charges.

Complete the Global Reservation Form and make sure that the same number of months is selected on both forms.

Transit Visa Table1

This article will help you while applying for the visa and also assist you to submit your passport along with your application.