Essentials of Qatar Airways & Baggage Weight Limit!

Essentials Of Qatar Airways Review & Baggage Weight Limit!!

Every airline has its own rules and restrictions regarding the carry-on baggage or the luggage. It is the duty of the passenger or the traveler traveling on a specific flight to get all the information related to allowances and charges for baggage. Whether it is Emirates, United or Qatar Airways; different airlines have different regulations on the baggage policy.

Discussing the Qatar Airways which is selected as the best airline by Skytrax, it has a number of rules regarding the carry-on stuff. The following points may give you an idea of what is necessary to know about Qatar Airways baggage weight.

Qatar Airways Baggage Policy:

Handbags Allowance:

Qatar Airways hand baggage allowance includes following points:

  • For First-class and business-class passengers, you are allowed to carry only two pieces which must not exceed Qatar Airways baggage weight limit of 15 kg or 33 lb.
  • If you are an economy class traveler, then you can only carry one piece in hand which should not exceed the total weight of 7 kg or 15 lb as per the Qatar Airways hand
  • The overall dimensions for hand baggage are 50 x 37 x 25 cm or 20 x 15 x 10
  • Qatar Airways carry on items list includes a small briefcase, one coat, cape or blanket, one umbrella, one pair of crutches or walking stick, etc.
  • If you are carrying laptops or laptop bags, it is counted within your hand baggage only.
S.No.CLASSESNumber of PiecesDimensionsWeight Limits
1First Class Passengers2 pieces20 x 15 x 10in33lb/ 15kg
2Business Class Passengers2 pieces20 x 15 x 10in33lb/ 15kg
3Economy Class Passengers1 pieces20 x 15 x 10in15lb/ 7kg
Checked Baggage Allowance:

Following are the rules related to Qatar Airways checked baggage to different routes.

  • Flights to and from Brazil:

For all passengers, whether you are a first-class or business or economy; you are allowed to carry two pieces which should be less than 32kg or 70lb and the dimension should be of 158cm or 62inch.

  • Flights to and from Canada and US:

For the First-class and business-class passengers, Qatar Airways baggage allowance to USA and Canada includes two pieces of weight 32 kg or 70 lb and dimension of 158cm. But for economy passengers, the limit is carrying two pieces whose weight must not exceed 23 kg or 50 lb and dimension is 158 cm.

  • Flights to and from all other destinations:

For first-class and business class passengers, the weight of the baggage should be up to 50 kg or 110 lb and dimension is 300 cm. And in the case of economy class travelers, the weight limit is about 30 kg or 66 lb and dimension is 300 cm.


Checked Baggage Allowance
Route First Class Business Class Economy Class
Flights to and from Brazil 2 pieces, each not to exceed 32kg (70lb) and a maximum dimension of 158cm (62in) 2 pieces, each not to exceed 32kg (70lb) and a maximum dimension of 158cm (62in) 2 pieces, each not to exceed 23kg (50lb) and a maximum dimension of 158cm (62in)
Flights between Brazil and Argentina 2 pieces, each not to exceed 32kg (70lb) and a maximum dimension of 158cm (62in) 2 pieces, each not to exceed 32kg (70lb) and a maximum dimension of 158cm (62in) 2 pieces, each not to exceed 23kg (50lb) and a maximum dimension of 158cm (62in)
All other flights to and from Argentina, Canada, and the U.S. 2 pieces, each not to exceed 32kg (70lb) and a maximum dimension of 158cm (62in) 2 pieces, each not to exceed 32kg (70lb) and a maximum dimension of 158cm (62in) 2 pieces, each not to exceed 23kg (50lb) and a maximum dimension of 158cm (62in)
Flights between Doha, Casablanca and Marrakech 60kg (132lb) and a maximum dimension of 300cm (118in) 60kg (132lb) and a maximum dimension of 300cm (118in) 45kg (99lb) and a maximum dimension of 300cm (118in)
Flights originating from Africa** 65kg (143lb) and a maximum dimension of 300cm (118in) 65kg (143lb) and a maximum dimension of 300cm (118in) 45kg (99lb) and a maximum dimension of 300cm (118in)
Flights to and from all other destinations 50kg* (110lb) and a maximum dimension of 300 cm (118in) 40kg* (88lb) and a maximum dimension of 300 cm (118in) 30kg* (66lb) and a maximum dimension of 300 cm (118in)


Routes where the weight concept does not apply. In the case there is no limit on the number of pieces that can be checked in. but this condition applied as long as the weight allowance for the total number of pieces is not exceeded. However, limitations may apply based on aircraft carrying capacity.

* Baggage allowance may change. It depends on flight and booking class (First class, economy class, business class).  You can easily check the number of pieces and weight allowed for your journey when you select your flights on, as well as on your ticket prior to travel.

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Liquids and Gels in Hand Baggage:
  • You are allowed to carry liquids, gels, pastes, etc. in containers up to 100 ml in your hand baggage; larger than that will not be accepted.
  • The dimensions involved in this should not be larger than 20 x 20 cm or 8 x 8 inch.
  • Besides that your containers should be carried in a transparent, resealable, quart- or liter-sized bag.
  • And all these should be put in transparent bags and must be presented at the screening point for visual examination.
  • Qatar airways don’t put any restriction on baby food items and medication. But you are required to show the prescription.
Allowance Related to Electronic Devices:

From March 2017, all passengers traveling on US-bound flights are not allowed to carry any electronic devices on board, except the cellular or smartphone. You can’t carry your electronic stuff like your laptops, tablets, DVD players and electronic games, in checked luggage only.

  • Security staff can ask you to turn on personal electronic devices that are larger than a mobile phone, including tablets, e-books and laptops during the security screening conducted at the boarding gate.
  • Also make sure that your electronic device has sufficient power to be switched on to demonstrate its functionality.
  • In case you have any devices without any power then it will be placed in a secure location on the aircraft that cannot be accessed, and returned at the final destination.
  • If more than six personal electronic individual devices are already secured, then you will have to check-in your device into your hand baggage, which will be stored in the aircraft hold.
Traveling With Pets:

If you need to travel with your pets like a dog or a cat; you need to know the Qatar Airways pet policy:

  • If it is a Service dog, then it can be transferred in the cabin free of charge when traveling to particular routes.
  • Only service dogs and falcons are allowed inside the cabin where Falcons are allowed only in Economy Class and they must be hooded for the entire journey.
  • If it is a falcon, then it can be transported as checked baggage and not in the cabin. The traveling cost of such pets is charged as per your checked baggage.

Passengers are advised to carry enough food and water for their pets as they will not be able to access your pet during the journey.

  • If food is not carried by the owner, then the staff will provide your pet with food every three to four hours.
  • You are required to bring the certificate from treating mental health professional and it should not be older than 1 year from the date of scheduled departure.
Qatar Airways Baggage Allowance For Infants:

For checked baggage, the following two conditions are included:

  • Qatar Airways Baggage from the USA to India: You are allowed to carry one piece of less than 23 kg and dimension 115 cm while traveling with the infants.
  • Flights to and from all other destinations: The limit is 10 kg or 22 lbs with dimensions 115 cm.
  • For Qatar Airways infant baggage allowance, you are allowed to carry one piece which should not exceed 10 kg or 22 lbs and follow dimensions of 50 x 37 x 25 cm or 20 x 15 x 10 inch.
  • Children and infants traveling on a child fare are eligible for the same baggage allowances as adults.
  • Passengers also enjoy the boarding facility regarding baby strollers and indoor playing area.
  • Children between 5 to 15 years are allowed to travel alone.
  • There is also the availability of the escort service for the child and if you need one, then request for the same at least 72 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight.
Allowances For Physically Disabled Passengers:
  • If you wish to travel with your own wheelchair, then it would be best if you confirm the officials regarding that, at the time of reservation or 48 hours before the departure.
  • The wheelchair assistance till aircraft Qatar involves the provision of wheelchairs to people facing mobility problems.
  • During the flight, safety video with subtitles in English and Arabic will be displayed regarding safety briefings for hearing impaired passengers.
  • And for visually impaired passengers, Braille Safety Cards are available on board both in English and Arabic.
Allowances to Senior citizens:

Qatar airways elderly assistance includes time to time amazing offers to the elderly citizens. The airline offers up to 15% off to passengers who have attained the age of 65 years on the date of booking.

Hence while traveling through the Qatar Airways, do verify the above-discussed points for a better journey.

Allowances to Minors:
  • Passengers can enjoy the Unaccompanied Minor Service and the Escort Service for children between the age of 5 and 15 years.
  • The airline will also provide priority assistance through check-in, boarding, baggage collection, immigration and other facilities at departure and arrival.
  • For a child traveling as an Unaccompanied Minor, the adult fare will be charged.
  • If you need the Escort services then you have to make a request for the same through local Qatar Airways office at least 72 hours prior to flight departure.
  • Children above 16 years are no longer eligible for these services.

Delayed Baggage:

  • In case, your baggage is delayed, it is located within 24 hours in most of the cases and will be delivered to you at your home, office or anywhere, you are staying.
  • In case, you face some loss or incurred any expense due to late delivery of your baggage, then the airline will compensate by reimbursing your reasonable and necessary expense.
  • Passengers may also use ‘My baggage’ to check the status of their baggage online or notify the officials about the delayed bag.
Damaged Baggage:
  • In case, you find that your baggage has been damaged, then before leaving the airport; you need to file a damaged baggage report at the Qatar Airways baggage services desk.
  • You can also use the online facility for reporting about your damaged baggage through ‘My baggage’. Through this, you can check the status of your claim by entering the file reference number that was provided to you.
  • There is also the availability of making a written complaint immediately before leaving the airport.
Excess Baggage:

Following are some of the restrictions if you are carrying excess baggage on a Qatar Airways flight with you.

  • The checked baggage must not weigh more than 32 Kg and the dimensions must be less than 158 cm in length + width + height.
  • If any bag which you are carrying weighs more than 32 kg then it will be broken down to weighs less than the desired quantity.
  • The excess baggage is calculated per passenger and per journey.
  • Excess baggage charges are billed in the currency of the departure country.
  • Online excess baggage purchase is not allowed for infants.
Lost Baggage:

In case you left or lost you’re any bag or personal belonging onboard your Qatar Airways flight or at the Qatar Airways departure gate or lounge, then you can easily contact the Qatar Airways baggage services desk at the airport. They will assist you in finding your baggage.

Qatar Check-in Services:

Qatar Airways online check in facility is available for the flights from the US opens 24 hours prior to departure and the check-in for flights to the US opens 24 hours prior to departure from Doha.

Passengers can enjoy the following options in check-in:

1Online or Web Check-in• FROM & TO USA: 24 hours before departure for flights to/from the US.
• FOR OTHERS: 36 hours before departure for all other flights.
2Mobile Check-in• Passengers need to check-in online between 36 hours and 90 minutes before departure.
3Counter Check-in (At The Airport)• Counter check-in opens 3 hours prior to departure and closes one hour before departure.


1.What is the weight limit for baggage on Qatar Airways?

You can carry a single piece of checked baggage which is not more than 32kg (70lb). If you have a bag weighing more than 32kg (70lb) then it must be broken down so that each piece weighs less than 32kg (70lb).

2.How much is the excess baggage for Qatar Airways?

Purchased Subsequent extra piece Overweight piece – between 23-32kg (50-70lb)*
Online 200 USD (730 QAR) 50 USD (190 QAR)
Offline 250 USD (910 QAR) 65 USD (240 QAR)


3.What is allowed in hand luggage Qatar Airways?

You are free to carry liquids, gels, pastes and aerosols in containers up to 100ml (3.4oz) in your hand baggage. Containers larger than 100ml will not be accepted even if only partly filled.


Following are the few reviews of Qatar Airways:

  • R Myson:

I travel from Auckland to Dublin via Doha. Highly recommend this airline, the crew, plane, food, seat, entertainment; the airport was all top class. We were able to request emergency exit on all four flights and given that both my partner and I are tall that is a major bonus. I paid extra to upgrade on the Doha to Auckland return flight and that was a whole other top class experience. New Zealand to Europe is a long flight but the cabin crew attendance with liquids and food and the whole series of Big Little Lies made the time fly on by.

  • S Kurash:

I traveled Doha to Karachi. It was my first experience with Qatar Airways. I did online check-in and arrived at the airport before 2 hours. When I reached to Airport and I had asked from the Airport Customer Service Staff for baggage drop facilities to drop my bag. Finally, I reached to the check-in counter and staff checked-in my baggage. I had asked him about the gate number and he replied to me gate is not allocated yet. I went to the food court for coffee and I did not receive any notification from check-in staff, suddenly I saw the gate number on information screen and gate number was final call. I did not miss my flight. I rushed to the gate and I went to aircraft along with other passengers by bus instead of aerobridge. In-flight service and cabin crew were good also meal and the best part was an announcement in 3 languages English, Arabic and Pakistani Urdu. Our Flight Director was from Pakistan and she was very pleasant.

  • Virginia Bolton:

Another wonderful experience with Qatar Airways, upgraded to First Class from Melbourne to Doha on the A380. The flight attendants were very attentive. The food was delicious and the bathroom has a plenty of space and hidden drawers for the amenities. The cabin itself is small and very private, and extremely comfortable. Once again, I flew in Business class Doha to Helsinki on the smaller A321, again there was very attentive service by the flight attendants on this sector. Seats on the A321 could be improved. I flew business class on the A330 from Athens which was comfortable and the marvelous A380 Doha to Melbourne. I just loved the Business class service on this flight; the flight attendant looking after our section was superb. I will definitely fly Qatar Airways again.



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