Philadelphia International Airport Launch A New Quiet Room For Peace & Privacy!

The airport announced that the Philadelphia International Airport now offers a 315-square foot “Quiet Room”. The rooms will be open for 24 hours every day. This new service is for those who feel overwhelmed by traveling or may need a moment to themselves. The airport is looking to give travelers a slice of Peace away from the stress and hustle of the concourses.

Features Of Quiet Room:

  • Built-in wooden benches
  • A circular rug
  • A footbath for cleansing and prayer
  • A visual design accent themed around dandelion seeds.

Airport officials announced the launch of a new Quiet Room to provide a place for solitude or a prayer. The 325-square-foot room is located after security at the D-E connection. The airport described the room as “a place of silence, which all passengers may use regardless of their worldview, culture and religious affiliation.”

The CEO of airport Chellie Cameron said, “We encourage our passengers to use this room with respect while enjoying a moment of tranquility before continuing their travels.”

How much use the Quiet Room and how quiet it actually is in there remains to be seen. Based on some of the less-than-stellar rankings Philadelphia International Airport has received in recent years that it is a safe and many travelers will be taking a few minutes to enjoy the Quiet Room during layovers.

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