Permanent and Temporary Indian Visa Requirements For US Citizens!

Visa is a kind of official travel document on your passport indicating that you are allowed to enter and stay in a specific country for a specified period of time. Once, you get a visa means you are permitted to enter a country and stay there for a specific period of time.

Visas are issued by the immigration authorities of a foreign country after checking and verifying all your documents properly. So, here are some relevant points on Indian visa requirements for US citizens.

Basic Requirements

All nationals who want to travel India need to apply for an Indian visa in order to enter the in the country. Whether the trip is for tourism, transit or business, the only you have to do is apply for documentation.

Processing Fees

The India Visa Application Centre provides an SMS notification service to all visa applications. They charged as per application and visa requirements.

Appointment System

The India Visa Application Centre operates an online appointment system for the processing of all visas. They schedule the appointment according to the receipt of the documentation.

The standard processing service time is of 4 days. They must have sent their completed applications before 18.00 hours on a working day.

Indian embassy or service center will continue to provide applicants with a fully comprehensive India Visa Executive Service offering in all steps of the process including:

  • Complete the application forms, requirements, and instructions on how to obtain a necessary visa.
  • Ensure that your application and supporting materials are completed and minimizing the risk of refusal at the Embassy.
  • Make an appointment at the India visa center and submit your application. Or, mail the application form with your passport and other relevant documents to the specific address.
  • Assist with the payment at the Visa Application Centre and the consulate charges for issuing the visa.
  • Collect the completed passport and visa.

Temporary India Visas

India Tourist Visa

The tourist Visa also is known as “Visit Visa”. An Indian tourist visa is valid for up to 6 months, although longer stays are also available. The passengers who want to travel India for the tourism purpose such as recreation, sightseeing, and for the casual visit to meet friends/relatives.

Indian tourist visa holders are not allowed to extend their stay beyond the limits of the visa.

Transit Visa

India also offers a transit visa.  This visa permits the applicants to transfer through India for a period of up to 15 days.

When you want to enter in India for the sole purpose of your layover time in India is between 24 – 72 hours, apply for a ‘TRANSIT VISA’.  Applicants cannot extend their stay while on this visa.

Business Visa 

The Indian business visa is designed for the business travelers who want to visit India in order to pursue the business activities, such as attending meetings and conferences.

An Indian business visa is valid from between the 3 months to 5 years but requires documents in the form of a letter from a sponsoring Indian company when applied for, as well as a Business letter from the applicant’s country of residence.

The India business visa can also be granted as either a single or multiple entries.  A multiple entry Indian visa means it can be used repeatedly.

Permanent India Visas

India Work Permit

Work visa in India also known an Indian employment visa. The work visa is provided to a skilled professional brought in by a company to fill a specific role.

The time period of an Employment Visa is same as the duration of your employees work in India. For a technician, an Employment Visa is valid for 5 years or the duration of the agreement between India and the foreign government.

Highly skilled personnel of the IT software can get a visa for up to 3 years or the term of assignment. Others can get an Employment Visa with validity up to 2 years or the term of assignment.

So, this article will provide the detail information about basic requirements and processing time of permanent visa and temporary Indian visas.