A Complete Information On India Conference Visa Checklist For US Citizens!

All visitors need a visa for India, except the citizens of the neighboring country like Nepal and Bhutan. A visa defines as a valid and required travel document that is issued by the traveler’s country of citizenship.

But when you want to attend a conference, held by an Indian government organization in India a “Conference visa” is appropriate for you. If the conference/seminar/workshop is organized in India by private companies then you have to apply for the Business Visa.

So, here are some major points on India Conference Visa checklist and how can you apply for it.

How to Apply for a Conference Visa:

Indian Missions/Posts can provide a conference visa to the visitors to attend the international conferences, seminars etc. which are held by the Government and NGO’s. For that, complete your application form and attach the valid documents with the form.

Step 1: –

Click on the “Regular Visa Application” after visiting the Indian Government Site. Step 2: –

An Online Visa Application form will open. So, fill the required fields with the valid information according to the given instructions.

Step 3:-

When the form is completed, print it and attach the photographs in the required field. Or you can upload a photo, instead of providing physical passport photos.

Attach the 2 x 2 in passport type photographs that must be in color, and have a front view along with a plain/white background. But do not staple and tape the photographs to the application form.

Step 4: – Proof of residency

Attach the clear photocopy of a driver license or state issued ID with the application form. And also the address you mention on the ID is same as the address on the visa application.

Step 5: – Verification

Before click on the “Verified and Continue” button make sure the information you enter in the fields are correct.  After verification, a confirmation box will open on the next page with the Applicant Name and Number.

Do not try to make the handwritten corrections on the application form; otherwise, they will reject your application form.

Step 6: – Submit your application form

Make an appointment at the India visa center and submit your application. You can also mail the application form with your passport and with the other relevant documents to the specified address.

Step 7: –

You can pay your visa fee online. Or you can also pay your visa fee with cash at the time of your appointment.

Step 8: – Track the status:

Check the status of your application on the website. Visas can take maximum seven to nine days to process and return.

Other India Conference Visa Requirements:

Passport Requirements

You should have the original and one photocopy of your passport. Before heading, make sure your passport is signed properly and also valid for 6 months.

Conference invitation and Business Letter

The applicants have a conference invitation letter from the conference organizer in India and a Business letter from the sending company that is in the USA.

Both letters should be printed on company letterhead stationery and signed by the senior manager. The letters must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Briefly, introduce the applicant’s Conference status/position in the company.
  • Mention the dates of the conference, the subjects that you are going to cover on the conference/seminar, the names and addresses of the conference venues.


An Indian Conference Visa Meaning state the purpose of attending a conference/seminar/workshop that is organized by the Government organization in India. And it can be:

  • Ministry or Department of India Government
  • State Government.
  • Public Sector Undertakings
  • Central Educational Institutions
  • Public Funded University
  • An organization that is controlled by the India or State Government.
  • UN and its specialized agencies
  • Reputed NGO’s

Every traveler, including minor children, must have a valid visa to travel to India.

Dependent Members:

  • If your any dependent member wants to attend the conference along with you, then she/he can apply for a Conference Visa.

India Conference Visa processing time:

  • Conference Visa for single entry is generally issued for the duration of up to 3 months.
  • If the seminars in India are organized by private companies, an applicant should apply for the shortest time period.
  • Validity of Conference Visa starts from the date of issuance not from the day of entry into India.

India Conference Visa cost:

The cost of an Indian Conference Visa varies according to the arrangement between the governments. And make sure same months of number are mentioned in both application form and passport.

India Conference Visa cost:

The cost of an Indian Conference Visa varies according to the arrangement between governments. And make sure the same numbers of month are mentioned in both application form and passport.

India Conference Visa Table1 (1)
This article helps you to provide the valid information about the Indian Conference Visa from USA. Along with your application and fee, for an Indian Conference Visa you will need to submit your passport that is valid for at least six months, a recent passport sized photo and details of your itinerary.