Secure Your Dream Flight Seats Through Frequent Flyer Program!

What is frequent flyer program?

frequent flyer program (FFP) is a loyalty program offered by an airline. The airlines designed it to encourage the customers to enroll in the program and get the points (also called miles, kilometers or segments).

Points earned under FFPs based on the class of fare, distance flew on that airline, and the amount paid. In recent years, more points have been earned by using credit and debit cards than by air travel. Another way to earn points is spending money at associated retail outlets.

Points are saved for air travel, goods or services, or for increased benefits, such as upgrade the travel class, access the airport lounge, and book the tickets in advance.

The frequent flyer program is a program operated by an airline to reward the customers for their continued loyalty. As a traveler, you earn free points for the miles that you fly on a particular airline. The concept behind frequent flyer programs is that the airlines want their passengers to become lifetime customers. The more frequently you fly with them, the greater your awards.

Booking a business class or first class flight using frequent flyer points is one of the best ways. But getting a suitable flight is also the most difficult part to securing yourself. On some flights, no-point based bookings are available. The reason for this is that some airlines prohibit the number of tickets that can be booked using frequent flyer points on each flight.

So, here are five top tips on how to increase the number of points in flight through the frequent flyer program to book seats to the dream destination.

  • Keep yourself more capable with our plans, dates, and routes

Always be flexible with your dates, routes and travel times. It is also a good chance to use your points to book a suitable flight. If your schedule allows you to travel on any day, rather than on one specific date, then the chances of finding a reward flight will increase.

Always avoid to booking the flights on the peak periods such as the week before the Christmas day, New Year, and on the school holidays. This will definitely improve the chances again if you are trying to take a flight at any time of the day, early morning, midday or early evening.

  • Consider or go with all other related airline options

You can take the advantage of reward availability that is offered by each program of an airline. Some flights require more points to book or find a suitable seat.

For example, The Qantas Points do not only provide the booking option for Qantas flights but also can also book the routes with partners like Emirates, American Airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Japan Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Jet Airways and other more airlines.

The Virgin Australia Velocity points are also providing the same facilities if you call and book over the phone.

  • Search the flights to multiple airports and for the small cities

Do not try to seek the flights to a particular or famous destination but also try to search the flights for small cities or to any airport in your destination country. This will increase the chances to find a more suitable flight.

Always remember to book a short flight separately to reach your final destination.

  • Arrange the orders before visiting the cities

It is good if you plan your trip in a certain way and order. But in case if you did not find a frequent flyer reward flight to your first city or last city, then rearrange the schedule.

  • Plan your holiday well in advance, and never give up

Always try to secure your seats by frequent flyer points and book your ideal reward tickets in advance. This is so because the most flight’s seats are open just for a year before departure.

Qantas opens their flight’s seats for booking just 355 days before takeoff, while Velocity allows you book flights for 330 days in advance. But when flights are loaded through the booking system then they open the frequent flyer reward seats because nobody else has talked to them yet.

The case is not always the same because some airlines do not unlock their own flights for booking until a month. But if for the first time you are not successful, then try and try again.

Some reward flights also release their seats throughout the year at the discretion of the airline. British Airways and Emirates are routinely releasing seats at the pointy end in the week before departure. It will be great if you plan your getaway at the last-minute.

So, this article will help you to provide the information on how can you book a flight on time, how to get the seats through the Airlines program points and what can make it.