Make your Christmas travel from Canada to India more special

Do you live in Canada and missing home badly? Not worry! Christmas is coming. Smile and get ready to meet your loved ones in India. Christmas holidays are like a boon for you. Start planning your journey from now only then you will get desired flights on desired dates. Yes, this is true and you might know about this if you have ever travelled on the festival season to India. So it’s better to plan your journey for now only. A well-planned journey always benefits the passenger. It saves your money, time and saves you from hassle. Here we will check the best time to book Canada to India flights. Read carefully and make your journey hassle-free.

Best Time to Book Christmas Flights: Long-Stay

Christmas holiday season is a wonderful time to meet your family and friends in India. But it’s not only you; the number of people is waiting for this occasion. You can easily estimate that demand is going to increase. And higher demand leads to an increase in price. Here is a table representing the best time to book flights from Toronto and Vancouver to Delhi.

Best Time to Book Flights to New Delhi

Route Best Times to Book: Potential Savings
Weeks Out
Toronto to New Dehli 7 to 10 weeks Flights booked during this time can be up to 7% cheaper
in advance can be up to 7% cheaper
Vancouver to New Dehli 10 to 19 weeks Flights booked during this time can be 1 – 19% cheaper
in advance can be 1 – 19% cheaper


Delhi is the best and popular destination chosen by Canadian travelers to land in India. Though you can choose other airports as well and you will be surprised to know that the choice of less busy airports will make you benefit because they are preferred by fewer people.


How to Get a Discount in Canada to India flights?

There are other smart tips also to book cheap flights from Canada to India. These are:

  • Pre-Book

Almost everyone is aware of this trick of getting a discount. Last-minute flights generally cost more. Surely, you are visiting India during the Christmas holidays then why not book before some time. It will save a lot of money on flight tickets. If there is any doubt of cancellation then go for refundable tickets. It’s very simple. You can cancel your flight tickets if there is any change in the plan. You just have to pay for some cancellation fee.

  • Use Credit Card

A credit card always benefits the customers. It is true in booking flights as well. When you make payments by using credit cards you will get several benefits. You will get reward points. These pints can be redeemed on your next flight bookings as well. Hence feel free to make use of your credit card.

  • Buy a Travel Card

Travel cards are like a boon to frequent flyers. You will get a huge discount if you book using a Travel Card. You will get special privileges and discounts if you spend on a travel card.

Names of some Travel Card

  • American Express Personal Platinum
  • American Express Business Platinum
  • Marriott Bonvoy American Express
  • American Express Gold Rewards card
  • American Express Business Gold
  • American Express Cobalt
  • Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite
  • Scotiabank Gold Amex


  • Compare Prices

Never book in a hurry. Drink a glass of water, take a breath and now compare the prices on different flight ticket booking websites. You will see a slight difference on different websites. Always book the best and reasonable prices.

  • Try alternate airports

Generally, busiest airports are costlier than those of less busy airports. You can book flights to less busy airports in India after that book domestic flight from there to your place. Domestic flights are cheaper than the international one.

  • Search in Private Window

You might have heard this instruction various times. It is true but do you know why? The reason is websites stores history and it may turn to increased fares of the flights. Hence book in private window or incognito mode.

  • Fly in Night

Nobody prefers flying during nights but if you can fly during flights then don’t miss this chance of getting a discount on flight tickets prices. In addition to flying during night time has a positive impact on your pocket. So if you are well prepared and able to fly at night time then book your flights happily and get a discount.

These are some things that will help you to book best flights to India on the occasion of Christmas. Also don’t ignore about the time. Choose best timings to have benefits

Summary: In simple words you can say that booking 2 or three months in advance is fruitful in festival season. So if you are planning to book flight tickets to India near Christmas then book in October or first week of November.

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