Lufthansa To Offer Wi-Fi On Flights Bound For India

New Delhi: Just after a day, India has announced the in-flight connectivity service to passengers; Lufthansa has mentioned that it will offer Wi-Fi on its flights to, from and over India.

Wolfgang Will (Lufthansa Group South Asia head) has told that they are offering the Wi-Fi facility on all its long-haul flights. And after they will get the regulatory clearances, they will provide this service on our flights to, from and over India.

TRAI; the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has issued the recommendations on in-flight connectivity. According to that, the airlines will be allowed to offer these services to flyers.

It means that the Flyers will get the paid-Internet on Lufthansa long-haul flights taking off, headed for and overflying India.

Lufthansa’s south Asia senior director mentioned that they offer Internet packages, Flynet to passengers which starts from Euro 9 and going to Euro 17 depending on the duration (from an hour to 24 hours).

On asking about the cost of internet for the Indian passengers, he replied; the investment is quite ‘significant’. We will provide the same to our Indian flyers.

Passengers will also get the opportunity to pay for the onboard Wi-Fi through miles. That means you can earn your miles for being connected to flights through the Internet.

Lufthansa offers the internet facility to all of its long-haul aircraft as well as short-haul ones flying within Europe. Talking about India, it offers its service to five Indian cities with 68 weekly flights on Lufthansa, Swiss and Brussels Airlines.

Talking about the Internet service of the airline, the FlyNet offers high-speed onboard internet service. It allows the respective passengers to check emails, download documents, shop online, chat with friends via Facebook and more. But the Lufthansa FlyNet system doesn’t support mobile telephone calls.


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