Pune Airport Will Soon Get Liquor Outlet For Flyers!

Located 10 km north-east of Pune (Maharashtra), Pune Airport will soon have access to a liquor shop for the passengers.

An airport official stated that “The outlet will be on the ground floor of the terminal building, at the arrival area. Spread across an area of 27.77 sqm, it will be a duty paid the shop for domestic passengers at the Pune airport.”

This addition will give passengers a number of options.

As per the statement of an official, there are many new facilities opening at the airport. A number of new food outlets are introduced at the airport, selling South Indian food at affordable prices. Passengers will definitely get to pick from a number of options once the new liquor shop opens.

Ajay Kumar (Pune airport director) has also stated on the about the liquor pricing at the shop that “Liquor pricing is an issue governed by the seller. However, the shop will have to follow the state’s excise rules.”

For international travelers, last year only; two duty-free shops were opened. One is located at the arrivals and the other one at the departures. As per the sources, both the shops are doing good business.

As there is only one shop available at the departure area, a decision will soon be taken on whether to open outlets selling hard liquor in the departure area and the lounge.

Currently, at Mumbai and Delhi airports, there is the availability of outlets where the passengers can grab a quick drink while waiting for the flights.

On the other hand, passengers should also understand that drunken behavior has serious consequences and will not be tolerated in the terminal building or on the airport premises.

Nowadays, the penalty for being in an intoxicated condition inside the airport is Rs 5,000.


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