Long-Haul Flights: Best First Class Flights For Couples!

One of the cool things about frequent flyer miles is actually using them to fly in first class to those destinations, which you had never visited. There are such countries which are enticing to your frequent flyer miles to make the long-haul trip in the first class cabin comfortable. If you have got India aspirations, then look for how to plan a happy and romantic trip with last-minute flights to India.

But, the most generous problem is – choosing the best long-haul flights to India, which is not really a chore as much as it is a privilege. Yet, couples did not make their choices what they were hoping for in a posh first class cabin.

Seating in layout means to get so far away from each other and due to that, they can’t talk during the flight. So, beware during booking of tickets carefully. First, check out the review of the best first class airlines and then make sure it fulfills your desire in first class without feeling disappointed for hours in-flight.

Things To know During Booking Of Long-Haul Flights

Flight Duration: – People actually love flying on a longer or connection flights on two equally nice aircraft.

Aircraft Layout: – If you are traveling on something like an Airbus A380, then there will be an upstairs and downstairs. If you’ve got a preference for one lever over another, consider that before booking.

Seating Configuration: – Check out the seating chart to see how first class is configured.

Meal Service: – First class is usually a treat but there are some airlines like Asian airlines, Lufthansa, or Swiss that have an elevated experience in the gourmet department when you travel on one of them. Consult the airline’s website in advance of booking to be sure their approach to food and wine matches your expectations if you love fancy meals, Champagne, and wine.

Amenities: – everyone loves the designer skin care products and especially when you are traveling on the long-haul flight. Airlines mostly offer amenity kits in the first-class cabins from a toothbrush to skin moisturizer to earplugs and even an eye mask. There are some airlines that also offer the pajamas so that you can be more comfortable in-flight.

Service: – There are such airlines that are better when it comes to the personal touch. Read online reviews of the airlines to make sure which is the best in class if service is important to you above all else.

Best First-Class Flights

  1. Cathay Pacific:

Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER

Passengers in First Class: 6

Seating Configuration: It has the configuration of 2 rows of 1-1-1. The middle and on the right seats share an aisle while the two seats on the left side are private.

Suite Info: These are open suites, which has seating space of 81 inches and fully flat bed. The seat width is 36 inches.

Amenities: the amenity kits are provided by Aesop and have the necessary items. The airline no longer offers pajamas but the lounging outfit you do receive is still quite nice.

In-flight Meals: Enjoy your in-flight meals at by simply place your order with our cabin crew. With rice cookers, toasters, and skillets on board, steamed jasmine rice; hot, toasted bread; and breakfast cooked. And the signature drinks like the nonalcoholic Oriental Breeze, which is sour plum tea, cranberry juice, honey, lemon, and rose water.

Unique Touches: in-flight entertainment system, with a new 18.5-inch HD screen replacing the current standard-definition 17-inch panel. They also offer a new video handset to browse entertainment. You can order duty-free items and see the interactive map without interrupting.

  1. Singapore Airlines:

Aircraft: Airbus A380-800

Passengers in First Class: 12 suites

Seating Configuration: it has 4 rows. Rows 1 and 4 only have window suites while rows 2 and 3 are configured 1-2-1

Suite Info: These are enclosed suites with sliding door and window blinds and have seating space of 81 inches. The seats have a fully flat bed and the seat width is 35 inches.

Amenities: The amenity kit by Ferragamo with a number of items.

In-flight Meals: The airline is known for its Book the Cook service. You can where you order your main course up to 24 hours before you fly. The meals are like artichoke-tomato crusted loin of lamb, filet of veal in Pommery mustard sauce, or suckling pig with a dark beer sauce.

Unique Touches: Has over 1,000 entertainment options in its KrisWorld system, which includes movies, television programs, music, games, and apps. It has 23-inch personal LCD with Bose noise-canceling headphones. You can also stay in touch with your favorite ones on selected flights with Internet connectivity by texting and multimedia messaging.

  1. Emirates:

Aircraft: Boeing 777 aircraft

Passengers in First Class: 14 Suites

Seating Configuration: Offering up to 40 square feet of personal space each, these spacious, fully-enclosed private suites are laid out in a 1-1-1 configuration.

Suite Info: Its fully enclosed private suite has a floor to ceiling sliding door and combines smart technologies, as well as luxury and comfort. Its soft leather seat reclines into a fully flat bed and can be placed in a “zero-gravity” position.

Amenities: Each suite offers an amenity or inspiration kit, which includes a Hydra Active moisturizing pajamas, luxury Byredo skincare collection, and Bulgari amenity kits. There is also an ample storage and a full-length cupboard for hanging clothes.

In-flight Meals: First Class customers can enjoy dining on demand service, with a selection of the finest cuisine prepared by gourmet chefs, accompanied by some of the most exclusive wines, champagnes, and spirits in the world.

Unique Touches: Customers can view over 2,500 channels of on-demand entertainment on a 32-inch Full HD LCD TV screen, or project content from their own devices. The Wilkins Active Noise Cancelling E1 headphones created exclusively for Emirates.

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