Do You Know The Most Ravishing Facts About The Singapore Airlines?

Update yourself by knowing the most amazing facts and information regarding the World’s one of the best airline i.e. Singapore Airline. Following are the ten main things which are enough to make this airline stand out of the line when it comes to comparing different airlines.

  1. Singapore Airline is one of the spacious airlines:

Singapore Airline is one of the most spacious First Class products in the sky with 35 inches in width and an increased bed length from 80 to 82 inches.

  1. Singapore Airlines is an Award winning airline:

The airline wins multiple times the awards for Best Business Class Airline, Best Long Haul Airline, Best Economy Class & Best Economy Class Onboard Catering and more.

  1. Singapore Airlines support A330-300 fleet powered by two Rolls-Royce Trent 700 engines:

This feature of Singapore Airlines leads to lowest life cycle fuel burn and make it the quickest and cleanest engine.

  1. Wi-Fi Connectivity:

The airline serves its passengers to enjoy the on-air Wi-Fi connectivity as well as Onboard internet facility too.

  1. Singapore Airline introduces its new brand campaign named ‘Feel At Home’:

The airline serves more than 60 destinations in 34 countries across 6 continents. Singapore airline put special attention to the needs of their passengers whether it is related to dining facility or entertainment.

  1. The first class supports new features:

Passengers can enjoy the new First Class seat of the Singapore Airline which supports multiple new features like a padded headboard for extra support and an additional mattress layer which ensure customers to sleep well and take good rest. Along with that, each seat features a new fixed-back shell design with the curved side panels to provide personal space and privacy.

  1. New in-flight entertainment system:

The Singapore Airlines come with the new state-of-the-art in-flight entertainment system where the first class flyers can enjoy the new KrisWorld on a 24-inch LCD screen with supports video touch-screen handsets.

  1. Innovated Sitting experience:

For Business Class passengers, the seats offer greater recline at 132 degrees and feature ergonomic seat cushion. The seats can be converted and become the industry’s widest full-flat bed which will be 78 inches in length. The availability of padded headboard cushions helps in enhancing the comfort of the multiple passengers. Along with that, the new Business Class seats of Singapore Airlines come with the new seating positions that are ‘Lazy Z’ and ‘Sundeck’.

  1. Perfect Lightning set up:

The airline takes extra effort for the convenience of their passengers and does extensive tests to determine the optimal light color and intensity with brightness adjustability. Along with the reading lights, the seat also supports ambient lighting which not only enhances the seat design but also serves as a night light in a dimmed cabin.

  1. Singapore Airlines also increases the checked-in baggage allowance:

Passengers traveling in Singapore Airlines are now allowed to carry more stuff such as:

  • For First Class: 50 kg in suites.
  • For Business Class: Passengers are allowed to carry 40 kg.
  • For Economy Class: The limit is 30 kg.