Know Everything About American Airlines First Class and Flagship First

Many of the US airlines in the past offered a business class cabin and even a luxurious premium first class cabin. However, with time other airlines like Delta and United came out with new and improved business class seating arrangements. They dropped the first class seating arrangement from their international aircrafts.

Nowadays, the first class cabin is mostly found in all the international carriers. American Airline is one such carrier that has stood alone as one of the major US airlines which offers a true first class product internationally.

It’s a reality and a fact that American airline’s Flagship First is not easy to beat. One of the reasons is because of the incredible lounges and the spacious seats on offer. You will have a great experience on the ground and as well as in the air when you travel in the American airline’s first class. Though, there is a great difference between the provided products of the American Airlines first class.

What is important to know about American Airlines First Class and Flagship First?

The first important thing to know is that American airlines offer the “Flagship First” class on the premium coast-to-coast flights and on the long haul international routes. It’s the true first class product and is always offered in addition to the Flagship Business class. On the other hand, it offers its first class product on the domestic and short-haul international routes.

This is what distinguishes the American airlines from Delta and United. Both of these do not offer a true first class international product. That means American Airlines offer two different types of First class. But the lounge access you will get is only possible if you travel on international routes.

Flagship First and Flagship Business Class: The Difference

On the American Airlines ultra premium aircraft there are two types of premium cabins to choose for you. They are the Flagship Business class and the Flagship First class. It offers these premium cabins with lie-flat seats. What you get in the Flagship Business class is lie-flat seats, premium lounge access, an amenity kit, chef inspired meals and a lot more premium perks.

On the Flagship First Class you get an even upgraded and top notch cabin comfort with an enhanced similar seating arrangement which offer even better seats and meals with a special dining area in its certain lounges.

Flagship First and Domestic First Class: The Difference

While both the names sound very similar there are a lot of differences between Flagship First and domestic first class. Flagship first provides a lie-flat seat with multi-course meals to choose from and premium lounge access (along with Flagship First Dining) an amenity kit, etc.

Meanwhile, on the domestic first class you’ll get nicer seats than the domestic flights usually have. When you book these for you, you’ll see these are a lot roomier than the economy class and will provide you with free liquor as well as complimentary meals. But it doesn’t offer you all the incredible perks of a Flagship first class.

American Airlines Planes that offer a Flagship First

There are only two planes in the American Airlines fleet that offer both a business and a first class cabin i.e. Boeing 777-300ER and the other is the Airbus A321 Transcon (A321T). We can ascertain by the name too and it’s the A321T that carries operations along the transcontinental routes.

On the other hand, it’s the 777-300ER which operates both the premium domestic and the long-haul international routes. All the first class seats on both the aircrafts have direct access to the aisle. On the A321T, first class passengers also get a window.

American Airlines Domestic First Class Baggage

All the passengers of the first class on domestic and the short haul international routes can check two bags absolutely free of charge. Another advantage is that you don’t have to worry about packing light as you can pack around 70 pounds in each free bag. There are no overweight charges.

American Airlines International First Class Baggage

Traveling with the American Airlines international first class you are allowed to check up to three free checked bags weighing 70 pounds each. Always keep in mind that the third free checked bag applies only to the Flagship First Class Tickets. It’s always good to check about the American Airlines baggage rules before you embark on your journey.

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