Know Everything About Air India Lost Baggage and Claim Policy

Learn everything about Air India lost baggage claim in detail with us. It is indeed something that will help you if by chance you ever find you in such a situation. Not to mention, air travel is one of the most convenient modes of travel worldwide. It immensely helps in saving time and is extremely comfortable at the same time. However, there can be some untoward circumstances passengers might have to confront. Misplacing your luggage is one such example which is something no one wants to experience. Air India is one of the most reliable and leading airlines worldwide.

Most importantly, it truly cares about all its passengers and their concerns. It is equally important to realize that lost or delayed baggage is a rarity with Air India. By chance if this happens, the airline leaves no stone unturned in order to find and return the lost baggage. Passengers moreover get compensation if there is any kind of loss to their baggage. We have brought complete information about Air India baggage claim and compensation policy. Read on to learn everything and it will help if you ever find yourself in a similar situation.

Filing Claim For Air India Missing Baggage

After realizing you have lost your baggage, you will need to go to the Air India lost luggage desk. That is to say, you have to go there and report as early as possible. We will share a stepwise approach that you can follow in order to file Air India lost baggage claim.

In Case of a Delayed Baggage

If your luggage doesn’t arrive on time even after waiting for a couple of hours, the airline is responsible for locating it. Therefore, Air India baggage tracking system will identify the exact location of your baggage. All you need to do is just inform the airline as soon as possible.

  • Get in touch with the representative present at the Air India missing/delayed luggage counter at the airport. You will have to file a Property irregularity report (PIR) over there. Henceforth, they will file a report and provide you a copy along with a reference number. Make sure you keep this information safe with you for the follow up.
  • While you file the complaint ensure providing all the minute details about your luggage. For example, size, color and the material it is made of. Apart from that, also leave your local address, contact details and any alternative address with them. This will in particular help them reach you after finding your luggage.
  • It’s also important to realize that at the time your luggage is missing you can buy some necessary items for you. Moreover, you can also get a claim for these from the airline. But make sure that you have all the original receipts and invoices of these items you buy.
  • Meanwhile, try to keep in touch with the airline and maintain a good line of communication. The lost baggage team of Air India will update you regularly if you do so. Therefore, you should make sure that you keep in touch with the airline representatives assisting you. Another smart way to circumvent such issues is going through the airline reviews before booking your flights.

If Your Luggage Gets Lost

  • In case if the airline doesn’t find your luggage within 21 days of filing the PIR, it will declare it as lost.
  • Furthermore, the airline will be liable to compensate you for your lost luggage. However, it must be remembered that there is specifically a limit for that.
  • In order to claim the compensation you will have to provide all details about your luggage. For instance, these include invoices or any other legitimate documents.
  • In case if you do not get any update on your luggage from the airline or rather the airline refuses to consider your baggage as lost, what would you do? Well, don’t worry as you have options to sort out this issue as well. You can file for an enforcement action by the DOT and international treaties.

If Your Luggage Gets Damaged

  • Air India damage baggage claim team is responsible for repairing and reimbursing a passenger. In case your luggage is damaged they will reimburse you as it was the airline’s responsibility to take care of it.
  • However, the airline is not responsible for any kind of pre-existing damage to your luggage. Likewise, if the damage is caused due to any kind of packing, the airline will not be responsible. This is a rarity with Air India as it’s one of the best airlines from USA to India.
  • In order to get compensation for any kind of damage to your luggage, you will have to contact the lost luggage claim team. Rather you should do it immediately after you receive your luggage and notice that it’s damaged.
  • Apart from that, you need to inform the airline within seven days after you receive your luggage. Additionally, you will have to provide all the relevant details about your luggage. For example, you have to furnish some photographs of the damaged luggage and invoices.
  • If the damage to your luggage is irreparable, the airline is liable to compensate you according to the total value of your luggage. It’s equally important to understand that they will also consider its depreciation value.
  • Air India is not responsible if any other items get damaged in your luggage. That is to say, any exceptional items like electronics, fragile items or cash. You will see that this is something they already mention in their contract carriage.

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Air India Baggage Tracking

Air India is renowned for having an advanced baggage tracking system. Therefore, it allows you to keep track of your lost baggage. A ten character reference number (PIR number) makes it easy for you to check the status of it. We will provide you with some important instructions you need to follow in order to track your baggage. This will be something that will help you check it through the official website of Air India.

  • First of all, you need to click on the baggage tab on the main menu of the official website of Air India.
  • Then you need to click on the “World Tracer Baggage Tracing System” option which will direct you to the track baggage page.
  • Here you will see the option of “check delayed baggage” hence you need to click on it.
  • Furthermore, you will have to fill out the information with your last name and the 10 digit reference number.
  • Lastly you have to click on the “submit” button and you will get all the updates as well as the status of your baggage. Ultimately, you will have all the latest updates about your baggage. To clarify, it will tell you about when it was loaded and unloaded. Moreover, you will know when it reached the lost baggage claim counter as well. It’s also important to realize that Air India offers USA to India Cheapest flights for all important destinations.

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Lost Baggage Compensation

All things considered, we have told you about how to file the claim at the Air India desk at the airport. On the other hand, you need to make sure that you ask about the compensation policy of the airline. This in general will give you a fair idea how the airline will compensate you and to what extent! We briefly will talk about some of the important facts regarding Air India’s baggage claim status.

1. Delayed Baggage

Obviously if you wish to receive your baggage within 24 hours while you are on your international trip, inform the airline. As a result, the airline will compensate you with one-time interim expenses of around $60. This further allows you to purchase some necessary items during this challenging travel period. Later on you can file for a claim for the same by furnishing all the purchase receipts.

2. Lost Baggage

If the airline fails to trace your baggage within 21 working days, they declare it as lost baggage. Therefore, to compensate you they will soon start a process according to a stipulated procedure code. They will further ask you to provide evidence for the items like photographs and receipts. Accordingly, you will get reimbursement after the completion of the whole process.

3. Damaged Baggage

As can be seen, if your baggage is damaged you should contact the damage baggage claim counter. Moreover, it is vital that you do this before leaving the airport and report about it. After examining the baggage they will surely reimburse you with a specific amount. In fact, these are the most important factors you need to know before filing for Air India lost baggage claim.


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