Introducing New Service By Washington Dulles For Non-Stop India Flights By Air India

Air India has added new routes to India on account from Washington’s Dulles International Airport direct service.

This highly valuable service would begin in July, with India’s state-owned national carrier planning directly service from Delhi. According to headlines by Times of India, nonstop capital to capital flight is expected to in process thrice a week on Boeing 777 aircraft.

Washington Dulles is highly effectively destination and also becomes Air India’s fifth U.S. destination. It includes famous places Chicago O’Hare, New York JFK, Newark Liberty and San Francisco. Air India with their advancement would be the first carrier offering nonstop service to India from Washington.

According to Routes Online, The Dulles service would bring Air India back to Washington for the first time since May 2010, when the airline flew to Dulles “as a tag on its flights into New York”.

After this international launching, Air India will also expand domestic operations. Air India will start additional flights on Delhi-Nagpur-Delhi and Delhi-Ahmedabad-Delhi with Airbus aircraft from March. In May, it will launch more flights on Delhi-Leh-Delhi and Delhi-Port Blair-Delhi routes.

This non-stop effective route is revealed via Air India with help of social media accounts this week. Another non-stop international service detailed by the carrier: non-stop service between Delhi and Copenhagen. Air India plans to fly that route with its Boeing 787 Dream liners.