IndiGo Has Announced 20 New Domestic Flights Routes In India!

IndiGo has announced 20 new domestic flight routes across its network. The airline will now operate its second daily flight from Bangalore to Varanasi and Bangalore to Chandigarh from July 1. Third daily flights from Ranchi to Bangalore and from Indore to Bangalore will also be launched from July 1.

IndiGo will also offer their additional flights between Cochin and Tiruchirappalli, and between Tiruchirappalli and Bangalore from June 28, 2018. Bookings of these new flights will be available on IndiGo’s official website –

The airline will also introduce its first direct flights between Kolkata and Chandigarh and between Kolkata and Indore. And apart from this, a non-stop flight from Chandigarh to Srinagar from July 15, 2018. A second non-stop daily flight between Indore and Nagpur will also be introduced.

Recently, the airline announced the introduction of flight operations to Hubli in Karnataka from June 28, 2018. The other additional flights will fly between Hubli and Chennai, between Hubli and Bangalore, and between Hubli and Ahmadabad with Airbus A320, starting July 1, 2018.

Schedule Of New IndiGo Flights:

6E 7163 Daily Kochi 6:30 Tiruchirappalli 7:40 28-Jun-18
6E 7161 Daily Tiruchirappalli 8:00 Bangalore 9:10 28-Jun-18
6E 7162 Daily Bangalore 10:15 Tiruchirappalli 11:25 28-Jun-18
6E 7164 Daily Tiruchirappalli 11:45 Kochi 12:50 28-Jun-18
6E 0113 Except Tuesday Bangalore 5:35 Varanasi 8:00 1-Jul-18
6E 0115 Except Tuesday Varanasi 8:40 Bangalore 11:10 1-Jul-18
6E 0661 Except Tuesday Bangalore 11:50 Chandigarh 14:50 1-Jul-18
6E 0662 Except Tuesday Chandigarh 15:20 Bangalore 18:20 1-Jul-18
6E 0106 Daily Bangalore 19:20 Ranchi 21:40 1-Jul-18
6E 0108 Daily Ranchi 22:10 Bangalore 0:30 1-Jul-18
6E 0691 Except Sunday Bangalore 19:10 Indore 21:05 2-Jul-18
6E 0705 Except Sunday Indore 21:35 Bangalore 23:30 2-Jul-18
6E 0691 Only Sunday Bangalore 19:25 Indore 21:20 1-Jul-18
6E 0705 Only Sunday Indore 21:50 Bangalore 23:45 1-Jul-18
6E 0372 Except Sunday Kolkata 4:50 Chandigarh 7:20 16-Jul-18
6E 0372 Except Sunday Chandigarh 7:50 Srinagar 9:00 16-Jul-18
6E 0376 Except Sunday Srinagar 9:35 Chandigarh 10:50 16-Jul-18
6E 0376 Except Sunday Chandigarh 11:20 Kolkata 13:50 16-Jul-18
6E 0372 Only Sunday Kolkata 4:50 Hyderabad 6:45 15-Jul-18
6E 0376 Only Sunday Hyderabad 11:25 Kolkata 13:40 15-Jul-18
6E 0378 Daily Kolkata 14:20 Indore 16:25 15-Jul-18
6E 0382 Daily Indore 16:55 Nagpur 17:55 15-Jul-18
6E 0388 Daily Nagpur 18:25 Indore 19:20 15-Jul-18
6E 0392 Daily Indore 19:50 Kolkata 22:00 15-Jul-18

According to the airline, the new flights are designed to cater to business and leisure travelers who are constantly on the lookout for new and affordable flying options.

Currently, IndiGo has a 153 Airbus A320 and 6 ATR aircraft. The airline offered 1,086 peak daily flights during the quarter and connected 42 domestic destinations and 8 international destinations.

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