Guidelines For First Time Flyers From Canada to India

Not everyone is familiar with flying experience. First time flyers have many queries that can even blow the mind.

Indians traveling Canada to India should take care of necessary things before their journey starts. Be careful with the limit of baggage allowed in cabin as well as check-in.The baggage limit depends on the airline you are traveling with.Also, be prepared with the necessary documents such as Visa, passport, and ID proof. Here we have mentioned stepwise information for first time flyers:

Before Reaching Airport:- 

  1. First of all, verify the date and time of your flight carefully.
  2. Stay calm, and don’t get confused with the time difference of arrival and destination state.
  3. Choose your seat in advance so you can travel with ease.
  1. Check on your ticket which terminal your flight is scheduled to depart from. Many people don’t take it seriously and end up missing the flight.
  2. Canada to India is an international flight and it is good to reach 3 hours earlier at the airport.
  3. If you reach early at the airport then you can take rest at the lounge.
  4. Airports of Canada are designed with various facilities like shopping, area and lounges. If you have forgotten something at home then you can immediately purchase here.
  1. Keep all travel documents handy in a single file.
  2. At boarding gate, passenger has to present the identification proof to the security person. ID proof must include name, date of birth and gender which should match with your ticket details. 
At Airport:-

First time flyers can get confused in larger airports and don’t have idea where they should go first. Here’s what you have to do after reaching at the airport:

  • Move to the terminal from where your flight is going to depart
  • Put your luggage on the trolley and move forward to the entrance gate
  • Head towards the airline section for ID verification
  • Move to another section where you have to scan your check-in luggage
  • Then you have to go to airline’s check-in counter and collect your boarding pass
  • Get your hand baggage weighed and proceed to the terminal as mentioned on your boarding pass.
  • Before proceeding to the terminal you have to pass through the security check (metal detector)
On the Plane:-
  • Now, you are inside a plane head towards the seat allotted to you.
  • Place your cabin baggage in the overhead bin or under the seat.
  • Sit comfortably on the seat and listen to the instructions given by flight attendant.
  • During journey keep moving and stretching your body.
  • Stay hydrated and sleep if you want to
  • Don’t talk too much in the flight, others may get disturbed
  • Keep an ear out for the pre-landing announcement
  • Listen carefully where your checked-baggage will arrive

At Destination:-

  • In abroad, avoid unnecessary calls because high call rates can exhaust your balance
  • Keep some cash, debit and credit card with you for emergency
  • Keep a list of emergency contact numbers with you

Once your flight lands prepare yourself to get off the plane and move to baggage claim area to pick the bag from conveyer belt. Your flight number will be displayed on the display and conveyer will move with the baggage.

Hope this information would be helpful for the travelers flying first time internationally.


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