General Queries Related To Schedule Policy Of The Airlines!

Sometimes changing a flight can mean earning more miles or a better chance at an upgrade. But the rules for each airline vary quite a bit. There are always such situations when a customer wants to book a different flight according to his/her choice. And other situations occur when airlines make the changes in the plans of a passenger.

So, here are some general terms on schedule policy:

Query no. 1: What is a schedule change or non-voluntary change?

A schedule change occurs when an airline makes changes in the itinerary of a passenger. Involuntary change is caused by the events that are beyond the passenger’s control like weather conditions, winter storms, cancellation or delay of flight, no seats available, emergency landing, etc.

Every airline has different policies on the schedule change. But these policies are more significant and give you a lot of flexibility to make your flight itinerary better and free of cost.

  • If the airline company cancels the operated flight, then they will offer another flight to the passenger without any charges.
  • If the passenger cannot accept the new flight, then the airline will refund the money.

Ticket Revalidation: It is possible when the changes are made by the airline in the itinerary of the passenger. The airline provides the revalidate ticket free of cost.

Query no. 2: What is a voluntary change?

Voluntary flight changes occur when a passenger wants to change the date and time of travel due to any personal reasons.

OR, if after making the booking a customer wants to change the trip with respect to the date, destination, arrival, or the means of transport, then they must talk to the airline.

  • A fee may be imposed by the applicable Supplier in the event of a change to a booking.
  • Changes in the booked and paid ticket are possible only for the flights of the same airline.

Ticket Reissue: A re-issuance of a ticket is only valid if a customer wants some changes in the itinerary (voluntary change). The airlines provide an entirely new ticket when a customer wants to change the travel date, time and flight number.

Or, an airline usually reissues the ticket and makes an alteration to the journey because a traveler has changed the travel date.

Query no. 3: What is a Ticket Refund?

A refund is the relevant amounts that will be transferred back by the airline when the customer does not want to make changes in the original flight.

OR, if there is no suitable alternative for the passenger, then he/she can request for the refund. The airline will refund his/her money.

Refundable ticket: The tickets that are returned for a refund to your credit or debit card. Some tickets are fully refundable. Other tickets require an airline service fee in order to process a refund.

Non Refundable Ticket: Non-refundable tickets cannot be returned for a refund. The airline may charge additional fees for changes made to a non-refundable ticket if a customer wants.

  • Your ticket will be canceled only if you are agreed with the terms and conditions of the cancellation.
  • The amount refundable is calculated at the exchange rate of the date when the passenger applied for the refund.

Query no. 4: What is Passenger Name Record (PNR)?

A PNR is a record in the database of a computer reservation system that consists the personal details of the passenger and also contains the itinerary of the passenger or a group of passengers those are traveling together.

Query no. 5: What is same day flight change?

When the changes are made by the airline and the passenger have not any problem with it. Then, the airline will confirm the ticket or the flight change in the same day.

Query no. 6: What is same day Standby?

If the changes are made by the airline, then the airline will let you know about it. But if the customer does not want to fly according to listed days that are presented by the airline or there is no availability of confirmation. Then, the airline will place your request in a queue or waiting list.

In this case, the airline let you know about it if there are empty seats remaining on the flight. But make sure your reservation on the original flight is intact until your standby status is not clear.

So, follow the general queries of the Schedule change and voluntary change policies to make your reservation without any hectic.