Cathay Pacific Schedule Change Policy & Rebooking Of Tickets!

Every airline has their own set of rules to make changes in the flight itinerary. The certain changes in the flight dates consider the type of ticket, travel time and revised confirmation itinerary. But, re-confirm your all flight details at least 48 hours before the departure. Here we have Cathay Pacific Schedule Change Policy.

Cathay Pacific is a large international airline that flies between America and Asia. The procedures of changing a flight depend on the specific situation. For the standby customers, have a different set of procedures than normal passengers.

So, follow the details and determines how does to apply for scheduled flights.

What is the Cathay Pacific Schedule Change Policy?

The passengers can get their e-ticket with the flight change booking within 1 hour through the online system. The airline will directly send the e-ticket itinerary receipt to your email address.

The airlines change the plans when:

  • The seasonal demands and new routes are needed.
  • Time changes from daylight to standard time or vice versa.
  • The changes in the flight numbers or operating times.
  • The flights that no longer operate.
Schedule Changes Are Allowed:

The variations are possible and depend on the departure ports. The passengers can change their bookings online up to 3 hours before the departure.

Cathay Pacific Change Flight Conditions: –

Passengers can make the changes in the flight date and time at the website via Manage Booking.

  • Passengers can view their booking at the Manage My Booking if once they complete the date or time changes online and receive the email successfully.
  • Besides that passengers can also change the flight booking with the other carrier’s connecting flights but they can only purchase it on the original ticket.
  • Those customers who are under the same original booking status can change the dates and flights together through the website.
  • The changes in the ticket also support the seat selection.

And at the end, when you have accepted the confirmation and fare details, then you will receive the email shortly.

Cathay Pacific How To Change Flight Date?

The procedures of change a flight is hectic. But it all depends on the specific situation of the customer. An emergency requires the changes in the plans of a passenger.

The following are the possible way through which the passengers can make the changes.

On the Web

  • Log into the “Manage my Booking” section on the website.
  • Filled the required field with your name and booking reference number or e-ticket number.
  • Log in with membership name OR Enter the PIN or password if you are the member of the Marco Polo Club.
  • Read the instruction to change your travel dates because these prompts are based on whether you need to pay for change fee or not.
  • These are also depending on what type of change you want. But the change fee is based on the ticket you originally bought.

By Phone

  • Call the airline representatives for the details of change flight options.
  • Ask them about the booking schedule and time.
  • Provide the booking reference number.
  • Pay for the change fee if they asked about it. You can also use or pay by phone using a credit card.
Cathay Pacific Name Change Policy

The tickets are reissued only when the name is correct. And tickets are also reissued due to Name correction if names are misspelled. Reissuance is not allowed if it will with a different name.

The Name Correction That Is Acceptable:

  • Short names like Ma to Maria or vice versa.
  • The letters are missing but sound the same.
  • Maiden to Married name as long as marriage certificate is provided
  • If the title changes like Mr. to Ms or Mstr to Mist, etc.

The following name corrections will NOT be allowed:

  • If the name suffixes are changed like JR to SR, etc.
  • Besides that middle name changed to the Last Name.
  • If totally different names or surnames are used.
  • If there is any additional second name.
Tickets Refund Policies:

The ticket number cannot be re-used if a ticket is refunded. Once refund request submitted, then they will generate a print-out named “Refund Authorization” with an authorization number. The airline sends the authorization code of confirmation to the passengers.

How to request for refund?

You can purchase the refund tickets directly from the website or app or online. In any case, if the original ticket was purchased through the agency, then contact them for a refund.

How to get a refund from the original flight bookings?

Partial refund: It is remaining unused coupons of a partially used ticket.

  • A partial refund of your original ticket is payable when you have changed the date and time on your flight booking online.
  • The unused values will be refunded to the credit card charged.

How long does it take to get the refund for canceling the fully partially ticket?

The remaining or unused amount will count from the day of receipt of the refund request. It is processed in the following days after the deduction of necessary cancellation charges

  • It takes 7 working days if your transactions are by the credit card.
  • In addition to that 20 calendar days for the other forms of payment like cash, bank transfer, PayPal, etc.

Note: – The above time is the processing time of the Cathay Pacific. The time required for the actual refund depends on the processing time of the bank.

How long does it take to get the refund for booking changes made online?

  • For the US travelers, the refund of the Online Booking Change transaction takes 7 working.
  • For other, it takes 20 calendar days.

Within what range of time a passenger can make the reservation without a penalty?

  • The booking term, conditions, and fare rules say that bookings can be made within the 7 days or earlier before departure time.
  • You can also cancel the paid reservations within 24 hours after purchasing the full refund.

Customers should refer to each booking’s terms and conditions and fare rules for ticket changes and refund.

Ticket Re-issuance

Once you have completed the date or time change online successfully then the online system will normally re-issue your e-ticket with the revised flight booking within 1 hour.

And an e-ticket itinerary receipt will be sent to the email address. Once you receive this email of the e-ticket itinerary receipt, you may then view your booking online at Manage My Booking.

A ticket is reissued if the original ticket is marked as “Exchanged”.  Re-issuance of totally or partially unused ticket can also be done when needed.

The following functions if a customer wants to:

  • Change the itinerary.
  • Change the fare basis.
  • Change the class.
  • Change the names. It is only applicable for misspelling or wrong titles.
Cathay Pacific Re-booking Policy

The passenger can rebook the flight in the same amounts. The passenger can rebook the tickets under such circumstances:

  • If passengers want the changes in the flight including other carriers.
  • A passenger can rebook the flight if Cathay Pacific changes flight date.
  • If the extension of a ticket is valid.
  • If the customer wants to change the origin and destination airport.
  • Re-booking can be possible in case of rerouting.

Cathay Pacific Re-booking Online:

Changing the ticket online function is available for the original tickets.

  • The online rebooking is only possible if your original ticket is the electronic ticket.
  • In case if the change booking function is not available for your itinerary, then you have to contact reservations office for further assistance.

Other Conditions If Re-booking Online Function Is Not Available:

  • If the changing ticket online is not available after the verification or the Change Booking Button does not show in Manage Booking, then you contact the reservations office.
  • Re-booking may not be allowed if subject to the terms associated with your purchased fare. Or they may charge you for the rebooking.
  • Rebooking online is not allowed for the different departure and arrival cities. For example Departure from Taipei to Osaka and return from Tokyo to Taipei is not applicable.
  • Online rebooking is not available for journeys to start from Hong Kong but paid in Renminbi Currency.

Cathay Manage Booking

The passengers can manage the booking through the “Manage booking” of their itinerary. But you have the relevant information regarding bookings.

Manage Booking Allows You To:

  • Make the changes in the travel dates and flights so that you can purchase the tickets.
  • Print the E-ticket and check-in for the flights 48 hours before departure.
  • You can also view the booking details including any special requests at the website.
  • Update your personal and travel document details and save them.
  • Select your own seat on an interactive seat map and the special meal up to 24 hours before departure.

To retrieve the booking: 

  • Simply, login with the membership number and pin at the Marco Polo Club or Asia Miles.
  • The Non-members can simply provide their name and reference number or e-Ticket Number.

To get the updates of your information:

The updates of information are quick and simple. All you have to do is:

  • Select your flight sector and passenger.
  • Then, update the information option.

Note: – You will be inquired for e-Ticket number for validation, privacy and Security reasons. So, always keep it with you.

The Other Valid Details Of Schedule Change

The airline will send the message to the GDS when an advanced schedule change occurs. For that, follow the airline guidelines like:

  • Enter your contact details so that you can receive all booking and flight changes details or your number.
  • Add or edit the frequent flyer information.
  • View or print your e-Ticket receipt.
  • The service request allows you to select a seat and special meal in advance.
  • Provide the comfort status of Special Assistance and Seat requested.
Cathay Pacific FAQs On Flight Change & Re-booking

Question No. 1: Can I make the changes in my booking online via Manage Booking?

Answer: Yes, passengers with original tickets can make the changes online. Certain countries  allow to change their booking online.

Question No. 2: Can I change the booking online if I have purchased my ticket from the travel agent or Cathay Pacific reservations office?

Answer: Rebooking of flight online only supports the electronic tickets that the passengers originally have purchased through the website. If the rebooking function is not working, then contact reservations office.

Question No. 3: Can changes are possible online if my flight’s booking has connecting flights with other carriers?

Answer: you can rebook the tickets with other connecting flights of the carrier but make sure that the provided original Cathay Pacific tickets were purchased online.

Question No. 4: Can I change the dates or flights for some passengers only if my flight booking contains a group of passengers under one reservation record?

Answer: The passengers who are in the same original booking record have to change the dates and flights together.

Question No. 5: Can I change booking online if I have done Online Check-In?

Answer: There is no need of cancelling your Online Check-In at Manage Booking before rebooking the tickets online.

Question No. 6: How do I change the date & time of my flight bookings?

Answer: You can change the date and time of flight bookings via Manage Booking at Once the online system confirms,  you will see your ticket on “Change Booking” button under flight booking details.

Question No. 7: Why can I not find a “Change Booking” button in my flight booking details at Manage Booking?

Answer: In some cases, the “Change Booking” button is not be displayed when online system verifies that ticket, which is not eligible to change the date & time online. For that, contact Reservations Office to change the flight booking.

Question No. 8:  Can I make a request for seat & meal when I change my flight booking online?

Answer: If you change the ticket online, then you are applicable for seat selection and meal request by using Manage My Booking.

Question No. 9: Can I make date or time changes and pay for flight bookings for another person?

Answer: Yes, you can pay for the changes for another person providing that the credit card payment paid for the ticket must be authenticated by “Verified by Visa” or “MasterCard®SecureCodeTM”. Otherwise, the cardholder will need to present the physical card used for verification.

Question No. 10: Do I have to pay with the same credit card on which the original ticket was charged for any additional payment on the changes of the flight booking?

Answer: No, there is not any compulsion of paying with the same credit card.

Question No. 11: How do I know that I have completed the date or time change successfully?

Answer: You will receive a confirmation email shortly.

The new service enables the passengers to get the updates on re-issue tickets through the website. Its Calendar Display feature allows choosing alternative flights or traveling dates, whether the passenger was partially flown. Stay up-to-date with this information and use them for future reference.