Festival Special: Come India To See The Vibrant Festival Of Lights, Devotion And New Beginnings!

India being a country with diverse cultural, gives importance to every person and every religion who so ever lives in the country, as the country believes in equality. Country glows in lights during festive seasons. And the festive season is on in India and so do offers on flight ticket rates.

The celebration starts in October and goes on till the end of the year. Although we celebrate festivals throughout the year these are very special as the best of festivals celebrates in these months. From goddess Laxmi to Santas coming to your home, everything celebrates in India in a grand way.

So you must be thinking what are those festivals, right? Yes! I will surely let you know. Maybe that will excite you to visit India during those months so that you will also witness the glorified events yourself and get a chance to celebrate all these festivals in a different way. Come and explore it yourself!

Dussehra: 19th October 2018: victory on evil thoughts

This festival means different to different people. For some people, it is known as the day which mark as the last fast, for others it means to enjoy the fire show in the sky. Dussehra is being celebrated in different ways throughout the country.

Kolkata: they celebrate this in the way of Durga Pooja, where they do worship of goddess Durga on the day of Dussehra.

Gujarat: you will witness a very different celebration in this region as you will see all Gujaratis dancing with dandiya sticks known as Garba dance. People dress up in their traditional dress.

Diwali: 7th November 2018: festival of lights

Just after 21 days of Dussehra, goddess Laxmi comes to your home on Diwali! Lord Rama comes back to his home after 14 years of exile. So people celebrate this event to mark the happiness of that day with lights and earthen lamps. Every street. Every shop, every home, every corner is lit up with glowing bulbs.

Kashmir: The festivals start from Ekadashi and last till Amavasya. On Amavasya, the senior citizens of the family keep a fast and worship Goddess Laxmi at night.

Goa: people here make a statue of narakasur and burn that in the night. They further celebrate this day by going to the temple at the night and give sweets to their loved ones.

Christmas: Santa is coming!

This festival is celebrated on 25 December, throughout the world. This is celebrated to mark the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas is celebrated in India with equal zest and enthusiasm as it is being celebrated by other people around the world.

Bangalore: This city comprises of many ancient churches. St. Patrick church at brigade road is best to celebrate Christmas Eve. You can taste different types of pastries and delicious sweets on MG road.

Mumbai: the Catholic Church in Mumbai is decorated with beautiful flowers and lights on the day of Christmas. People prayers and chanting in the church makes it more beautiful.

New Year: 31st December 2018: New beginning

Christmas marks the beginning of the New Year. Just after the 5 days from Christmas, we all celebrate New Year in a different part of the world. Some celebrate this day with their family, some with their friends or some with their own company. We all welcome the New Year with full enthusiasm and with hope to see positivity or more success in their respective life and business. It is not that one region of India celebrates it in a grand way but throughout the country, it celebrates with full zest. So be in any region of the country you will always celebrate this in a grand way!

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