Etihad Airways Changes The Check-in Baggage Policy

There is some good news for the frequent flyers of Etihad Airways. The airline has made an abrupt change in its luggage allowances for several of their flights.

The weight of allowable check-in luggage has been cut by one-third to half respectively. These new rules mainly apply to Economy Class seats plus to the passengers in premium cabins.

As per the airline, these new changes in the weights for baggage are done to bring the airline in line with the other airlines servicing the same areas. And yes, the luggage allowances of the airline were too high compared to other airlines.

There is also some relief to the Business and First Class passengers in regards to their allowable weight limits. But in comparison to passengers in Economy seating, the reductions are not severe.

Only the passengers who fly in The Residence (a three-room suite in the sky nestled on the upper deck of Etihad’s Airbus A380 jets) aren’t affected by these changes in check-in baggage. These passengers already enjoy the highest allowable check-in baggage weight limit of 128 kg.

The carrier also mentioned that these new limits will apply after the Feb 1st. Before 31st January, the same rules for check-in baggage will apply as before. As per the airline, the passengers will not be inconvenienced by the new weight limits placed on their baggage.


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