Essential Details On Baby Bassinets Of Top Airlines!

When it comes to air travel, passengers need to follow a lot of rules and regulations regarding baggage limits (carry-on and checked), restricted items, and more. The restrictions depend on routes, your destinations, etc.

Whether you are a senior citizen or traveling with an infant, you can avail different types of discount. Here we are discussing some rules of baby bassinets facility of top airlines. Agree or not! The bassinet facility in the airlines helps the passengers traveling with infants a lot. But there are a number of rules regarding that too which you need to follow like the baby weight, length of the baby, the age, dimensions of the bassinets and various other minor and major details.

S.No.AIRLINESMaximum Baby WeightMaximum Baby AgeBassinet DimensionsOther Details
1Air India_Less than 2 years71 cm x 36 cm x 19 cm (L x B x H)·         Infant must fit in the bassinet.

·         Infant amenities are not offered on the aircraft.
2Air Canada12 kg

(25 lbs)
N/AN/A·         This facility is only available for the economy class passengers.

·         You can avail this facility at flight departure.
3Air Mauritius11 kg12 monthsN/A·         You can avail amenities like infant seat belt, baby bassinet, baby kit, nappies, games; Small pillow and blanket.
4Air France10 kg

(22 lbs)
N/AN/A·         Only available in economy and premium economy and business class long haul flights.

·         Infants must be held in the arms of the person accompanying them during takeoff and landing.
5Air New Zealand11.8 kg

(26 lbs)
8 months_·         This service is only available on international flights.

·         You can also book and select the seat with bassinet online.

·         Try to look for bassinet icon to see if your flight will have them or not.

·         These bassinets are chargeable.
6Alaska Air___·         Bassinet Facility is not available.
7American Airlines9 kg

(20 lbs)
N/AN/A·         The service is available on B777 and some B767 aircraft.

·         American Airlines bassinet service cannot be reserved in advance.
8Asiana14 kg_76.8cm x 29.8 x 15.8 cm

29.92" x 11.73 x 6.22"
·         If the baby is taller or heavier than the limit, then the bassinet will not be given in flight.

·         Passengers are advised to apply for these at least 72 hours before departure.
9British Airways13 kg

(29 lbs)
Up to 2 yearsN/A·         British airways bassinet facility let you book online and choose a seat at the same time as booking a flight online.
10Cathay Pacific12 kg

(26 lbs)
6 months_·         It offers their own child seat restraint in case any infant car seats cannot be used on some of their passenger seats.
11China Airlines___·         This facility is based on first come, first serve basis.

20 lbs__·         Delta Bassinet seats are given at boarding gate but these can also be requested by contacting reservations.
·         There is the availability of only 2 skycots per aircraft.
13Easy Jet___·         Bassinet Facility is not available.
14Dragon Air12 kg_76.2 cm x 38.10 x 20.32 cm

30" x 15 x 8"
·         Infants more than the age of 6 months may feel uncomfortable in the bassinet.
15Emirates11 KgUp to 2 years75cm x 33.02 x 22 cm

29.5" x 13 x 8.8 "
·         First class suites measurements are smaller 63.5 cm long and 28 cm wide.

·         Passengers are advised to remove the baby from Emirates bassinet at the time of turbulence.
16Etihad10 KgUp to 10 months_·         Availability of bassinets on first come first serve basis.
17Garuda Indonesia

14 kg_76.9 cm x 29.9 x 20 cm·         To book bassinet, you need to put a request in the REMARKS box after you have finished your booking.
18Gulf Air

10 KgUp to 7 months_·         Infant amenities are not offered on that aircraft
19Jet Blue___·         Bassinet Facility is not available.
20Hawaiian__32" x 14.5 x 7"·         The facility is on international A330 flights.

·         See website for further info.
21KLM10 kg

__·         Can book online or by phone.
22Lufthansa14 Kg__·         Can book for long-haul flights.

·         The seat reservation fee may apply depending on the type of ticket.
23Malaysian_Up to 2 years75 cm x 34 x 22.4 cm·         It is only available in the economy and business cabins.

·         Can book a phone

11KgUp to 6 months (Domestic)

Up to 18 months (Intl)
71 cm x 31 cm x 26 cm·         Amenities like Sheet, pillow, and blanket are provided.

·         Facility of online booking is not there.

·         Babies can remain in bassinets during turbulence due to the design of bassinet.
25Singapore14 Kg

_76.8 cm x 29.8 x 15.8 cm·         This is their smallest bassinet and you can book prior to making payment for your flight.
26South West___·         Bassinet Facility is not available.

11 Kg

_76.8 cm x 29.8 x 15.8cm·         Qatar Airways bassinet service is not available, then you can either reselect your flights or continue with your booking, but your bassinet request will not be confirmed.

28South African Airways10 Kg

Up to 12 months_·         Baby's weight must not exceed 10 kg.
29Sri Lankan

Under 12 months

24 " x 12 x 8 "

·         Availability of diapers, baby food and bassinets on board.
30US Airways___·         Available on B767, A330-300, and A330-200.
31United10 Kg

__·         United bassinet facility is not available in First class, Global business international flights.

·         Some aircraft have floor bassinets.
32Swiss Air_Up to 8 months_·         Charges are applied for each segment to sit next to parent at bassinet seat.
33Thai Airways
10 KgUp to 6 months_·         Available on all international flights.
34Virgin America

___·         Bassinet Facility is not available.
35Turkish Airlines

8 KgUp to 2 years_
·         Infant amenities are not offered on that aircraft.
36Virgin Atlantic

9 kg-11 kg

_74 cm x 35 cm x 21 cm

·         Skycot – available in Economy and Premium Economy

·         Bassinet – available in most Upper-Class cabins

·         Infant Cradle – available in Economy and Premium Economy

·         Virgin NO LONGER has a car seat type available.

37Virgin America___·         Bassinet Facility is not available.
38Jet Airways

11 KgUp to 2 years_·         Available on international flights
39IndiGo Airlines_Up to 2 years

_·         No extra seats may be booked for Infants.

_7 days to 2 years_·         Infants will only be accepted upon medical authorization from a physician.


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