Emirates doubles free Wi-Fi allowance

There is some sort of good news for the passengers of Emirates especially the frequent one as the airline is doubling the amount of free Wi-Fi usage for the passengers of economy class while expanding availability for frequent flyers.

Recently, People who have witnessed the update regarding the laptop ban as Emirates became free from the laptop ban being applied on the flights to the US.

And now Emirates is coming up with the new facility to its economy class passengers which involve the offering of 20MB of free data usage within the first two hours of login. This amount is double as compared to the current 10MB free data.

In addition to that, Emirates also offer the special facility to its Platinum and Gold members under the airline’s Skywards loyalty scheme which gives access to free unlimited Wi-Fi. And this thing is totally independent of the class of travel. This same facility also applies to Skywards members traveling in first class as well as business class.

Passengers have also the right to purchase additional data in 150MB or 500MB blocks which are available at $4.99 and $7.99 respectively.

On this, the airline says that the doubling of data to 20MB will suit passengers who are light Wi-Fi users looking to send short messages to family and friends or to check their social media accounts.

Adel Al Redha (Vice president and chief operations officer) stated that “Wi-Fi services are available on over 200 of our aircraft, and it is a service that Emirates continues to subsidize heavily.”

She added, “Our new in-flight Wi-Fi plans reflect Emirates’ commitment to continue providing this as a free service for as many customers as possible, especially to our most frequent flyers.”