Emirates Airline Introduces Laptop Handling Service on US-Bound Flights in Response To Electronics Ban

There is a ban for airline passengers from utilizing electronic tablets, Kindles, and laptops in the flight cabin as per the US Department of Homeland Security. But now there is a new thing came into light. Yes, you heard it right! Emirates Airlines introduces a new laptop handling service on US-Bound flights for the comfort of the passengers.

In this, the Emirates Airlines passengers who are traveling from Dubai to US flights; now can utilize their electronic devices like laptops, tablets, etc on the first part of their journey and during transit in Dubai.

This whole process includes the collection of all your gadgets by the security department before you board into the flight to the US. After that your devices are packed into small boxes and are loaded into the aircraft. After your arrival in US, the devices will be returned to their passengers.

Tim Clark; the president of Emirates has given a statement that they are working on the solution that will ensure the passengers to utilize their devices up to the last possible moment.

These new rules will be applicable soon which surely offer an extra access to the travelers. This thing is valid to USA from 10 airports which include Abu-Dhabi, Dubai and Qatar as well. On the other hand, the rules on smartphones remain the same; passengers can use them like before.

So if you are going to travel through a US bound flight, do pack your electronics gadgets like laptop with you. This new rule came into existence after banned the incoming of these kinds of devices into the luggage in various countries in the Middle East and Africa.